IBR Reprints

You’ve worked hard to get your company or product editorial coverage. Don’t stop there!

Being featured on the pages of  Idaho Business Review is an accomplishment. But it’s only the beginning. Marketing campaigns benefit not only from the strength of published work – but from the power of credibility.


Reprints allow you to take your editorial coverage from an industry respected publication and optimize it for marketing purposes. Communicating with reprints, whether hard-copy or electronic, adds credibility to your message and helps brand your achievements for effective promotions. Reprints help you extend the life and value of your press and leverage it for extended and targeted use.

Advertisements and other articles that originally appeared on the page are taken out and reformated. The top of page will have the Idaho Business Review or any one of our specials publications logo’s such as  Women of the Year, Accomplished Under 40, Leaders in Law, and Money Makers.

PDF File

IBR offers this versatile option for clients seeking a “one-size-fits all” product. It can be posted on your website, sent out in e-mails or used to print your own copies. Plus, it can be customized with logo’s photo’s, etc.

  • PDF: Format 8 ½ x 11 –  or  11 x 17 –  $149 per article (e-mailed)

Custom Framed Reprints

Custom framed reprints that commemorate your achievements are the perfect compliment to reprints used everyday in your business. Frames masterfully house your reprints for display in your office, reception area or home.

The cover of the special publication such as Women of the Year, Accomplished Under 40, or CEO of Influence will appear alongside the exact replica of the article published in the pages of the Idaho Business Review.

Mount your feature in a beautiful 22″ X 15″ frame.

  • Cost for this package: $249

To order any of these products, please send an e-mail to laura.butler@idahobusinessreview.com or call her at 208-639-3528