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My Final Thoughts on Boise

For the last year I’ve written with a fairly academic and tongue-in-cheek tone. One, because I enjoy it and two, because it helps keep my perspective clear and objective. It’s the same reason I don’t rely too heavily on personal ...

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One step at a time

Idaho had a good month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics September 16 report, Idaho employment increase from July to August by 0.5 percent, which translates to an increase of 3,200 jobs. While the August numbers sound promising, Idaho failed ...

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‘Money had to be wooed…’

In the late 19th century, donors at the University of California at Berkeley directly interviewed potential professors. Charles Eliot, president at Harvard, encouraged certain laboratories to be built on campus because it would “benefit the company making the donation.” At ...

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Our hyperbolic nation

We need to have a national debate. It’s a phrase that arises too liberally anytime someone of prominence makes a faux pas. Or when a particular group with an agenda hopes to raise awareness about their pet issue. Regardless of ...

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