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Hiring, with a marketing touch (access required)

Glenda LeGendre featured

True story: A soon-to-be Ph.D. in an in-demand tech field was recently interviewed for a summer job by two of the major West Coast-based international tech companies. Each hosts a large summer internship program as essentially a “road test” of ...

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Contract tips for architects and engineers (access required)

David Bowser web copy

A professional designer, such as an architect or engineer, will enter into many contracts to provide services. Owners often will not acknowledge design professionals’ narrow profit margins or limited access to assets and expendable capital to fund large payouts. When ...

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Why Boise Elevated backs Boise School District bond


Boise Elevated, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Boise City through business and community involvement, strongly encourages Boise voters to approve the Boise School District (BSD) school bond on March 14th. The value that our community derives from ...

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On free trade and free beer

Anne Wallace Allen copy

Canada is Idaho’s largest trading partner, and we share a 45-mile border with our neighbor to the north. Yet most Idahoans, in an informal poll, can’t say where on a map they would find Canada’s capital city, or what the ...

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A region without immigrants (access required)

Joe Nathanson featured

In the summer of 2010 I was part of a team of economic development professionals that headed down to the Gulf Coast to meet with state and local officials and business leaders in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area of the ...

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