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LSAT should test for grit and logic (access required)

Sybil Dunlop copy

Last month, Harvard Law School announced that it would no longer require applicants to take the LSAT to apply. Applicants can now submit either LSAT scores or scores from their Graduate Record Examination (more commonly known as the GRE). According ...

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Workplace lessons from a trio of court cases (access required)

rich meneghello

They say things often come in threes – this month, I’ll review three recent court decisions to help employers learn from the mistakes of others. “Shake hands and play nice” The first decision was handed down in November 2016 from ...

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Sticking to time and budget constraints is still crucial (access required)

Christian Steinbrecher

Managing costs and schedules is an important part of the construction business. The ability to predict the cost of a project is critical to ensuring that owners can invest their money and realize returns to support their investments. Folks in ...

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Utilitarianism invades the window seat (access required)


We can all agree that the airport police officer did the unpopular thing when he yanked Dr. David Dao out of his window seat on the Chicago-Cincinnati flight. But I believe that United Airlines and its regional partner Republic Airline ...

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