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The aging lawyer: how to redefine a life in the law (access required)


We met in the early ’90s, as student and adjunct faculty member at Suffolk University Law School. A few years later we became colleagues, for five years, as sole practitioner and associate at a law firm specializing in elder law. ...

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The overtime law is on hold for now – but be prepared for changes (access required)

Rick Howard featured

Earlier this year, the Department of Labor announced proposed rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act  that would change the way more millions of workers in the U.S. are paid for overtime. When employees work over 40 hours in a ...

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The future of cybersecurity is approaching (access required)


I’ve been lucky enough to have a very exciting career in cybersecurity. I’ve worked for the military, started two successful cybersecurity companies and worked with a variety of government, industry and academic institutions and security experts. I’d like to share ...

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With Dec. 1 overtime deadline off for now, employers wonder: What’s next?


A judge’s Nov. 22 ruling on much-anticipated federal overtime rule changes has forced some difficult decisions for employers, many of whom had already announced or even implemented salary changes based on the upcoming changes. And it’s not clear what’s going ...

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What employers can expect from President Trump (access required)

rich meneghello

In just a few short weeks, Donald Trump will be our nation’s 45th president. Now the work begins to forecast what the next four years will bring for employers when it comes to labor and employment law. Trump made immigration ...

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Downtown commuters, you have some hard choices ahead (access required)

Anne Wallace Allen copy

Thursday, Nov. 17 started out benignly enough in Boise, with the usual mini-rush hour downtown under grey November skies. But by the time I reached the intersection of Front and Ninth streets at 7:30 that morning, it was clear a ...

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Avoiding the compliance pitfalls of prevailing wage laws (access required)

Jacob Zahniser featured

Prevailing wage laws require construction workers employed by private contractors or subcontractors on public projects be paid wages and benefits at least equal to the “prevailing” wage for similar work in the locality in which the project is located. Prevailing ...

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Year-end insurance review: common coverage oversights

Andrew Gibson featured copy

Carrying adequate insurance is a critical risk management step for developers, builders and designers working on construction projects. Yet the important intricacies of coverage are too often overlooked at the time of contracting as the parties deal quickly to get ...

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An update on accountable care organizations (access required)


Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers and suppliers who choose to come together to coordinate patient care. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed several ACO models under ...

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An insider’s perspective on business development (access required)

Dorie Fain featured copy

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of sharing a working lunch session with eight dynamic women attorneys in different practice groups. Everyone around the table had a distinct approach to share about their area of expertise. We had such a ...

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