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Idaho’s noncompete law is bad news

Ilana Rubel

The good news is, Idaho made the front page of the New York Times! The bad news is, it wasn’t exactly flattering coverage. The article was decrying Idaho’s new law on noncompete agreements that depresses wages and stifles innovation. The ...

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Mastering the adversarial opposing counsel (access required)

Shawn Healy copy

In the idyllic view of a trial, one often pictures scenes from classic movies that portray two lawyers in a professional sparring match, each party making an articulate, compelling argument for his side. They both use their intellect, their persuasion, ...

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Federal regulations for employers are changing at a rapid rate (access required)


Prior to taking office, President Trump vowed to “formulate a rule which says that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.” Politics aside, some observers saw irony in a regulation intended to reduce regulation. In any ...

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A teacher salary increase is good for business (access required)


By now most Idahoans have heard the term “career ladder” thrown around at the Legislature and in discussions surrounding K-12 public education in Idaho.  The term is used in reference to a plan to increase teacher pay that came out ...

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Civil Rights Act has become a vehicle to challenge public agencies (access required)


The federal Civil Rights Act, enacted in 1964, has evolved in many ways over the last several decades. In the beginning, Congress sought to protect individual civil liberties, and the CRA prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, ...

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Workplace bullying: Serious issues for employers (access required)


According to a recently released in-depth study of workers by the RAND Corporation, Harvard Medical School, and the University of California, Los Angeles, nearly one in five Americans felt they were exposed to a hostile or threatening environment at work. ...

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Expediting patent allowance with in-person interviews (access required)


In an age in which so many communications are electronic, perhaps it’s not surprising that so few companies take advantage of the opportunity to expedite the allowance of their patents by conducting interviews with patent examiners in person at the ...

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Dealing with difficult clients (access required)

Shawn Healy copy

I have heard several lawyers break the ice with an audience of their peers by joking that they love their jobs — except for their clients. This joke often elicits a quick laugh because almost every lawyer can identify with ...

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