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New federal trade secret law will protect Idaho employers

herberholz and eaton featured

While trade secrets may be among a company’s most valuable assets, they are also among the most vulnerable. U.S. companies lose billions of dollars annually due to trade secret theft, and the vast majority of these losses can be traced ...

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To sue a former employee or not: It’s a tough decision (access required)

Richard Hunt featured image

The decision of whether to sue an ex-employee who has taken or is using company information requires consideration of a number of factors. Suing and seeking injunctive relief may be the only choice If the departing employee was an important ...

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Make sure you get credit for your own good ideas (access required)

Louise Penberthy featured copy

You’re proud of your ideas and your contributions at work. You deserve recognition, and you have a right to expect the rewards, whether it’s more freedom to direct your work during the day, greater responsibility, or a raise or a ...

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Solar roadways, driverless cars …. they’re headed our way (access required)

Howard Grimes featured

The future of transportation is happening now. Solar panels in the near future will be incorporated into miles and miles of roadways to collect solar energy and feed it back to the grid. Driverless cars piloting your evening commute or ...

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New projects propel the future of downtown housing (access required)

Wes Jost featured

Boise is inching closer to “The Next 1,000” — its goal of creating 1,000 new housing units in Boise by 2019 — thanks to new projects rising from the ground downtown. According to the city, of the roughly 1,300 units ...

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Neighbor vs. absentee neighbor: the Airbnb wars

Kim Trout featured 2016

It’s a beautiful spring evening, you’ve just finished a BBQ dinner in the back yard, and you’re settling in with a glass of wine to enjoy a bit of quiet at the end of a long day. Suddenly, and for ...

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Ensuring safety excellence (access required)

Mike Salsgiver copy

Throughout the devastating recession, companies were forced to downsize. It would be easy to conclude that safety would be another economic casualty of the Great Recession. But the economy can’t be an excuse. AGC is the association it is today ...

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Idaho’s job market is the fastest-growing in the country (access required)

Robert Spendlove featured copy

The Idaho economy continues to strengthen. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the US economy is growing at an annual rate of 2 percent, the Idaho job market is once again the fastest-growing in the country, with ...

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Let’s talk about privacy

Brad Frazer featured 2015

Everyone seems to be concerned about privacy these days, and rightly so. There is much talk about identity theft and cell phone hacking and cameras in hotel rooms and naughty celebrity videos and websites like Gawker and TheDirty. All of ...

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