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Overcoming imposter syndrome (access required)

Sybil Dunlop copy

I had always assumed that there was no cure for imposter syndrome; we all just needed to suffer through it. Identified in the 1970s by a pair of clinical psychologists, the syndrome refers to “individuals marked by an inability to ...

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Mixed-use development creates inclusive communities (access required)

Briggs & Cramer

Among the trends in land-use development, mixed-use projects are receiving escalated attention and have become increasingly popular in both the public and private sectors. Mixed-use development blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and where appropriate, industrial uses. Mixed-use projects can be ...

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Mixed-use development in Idaho reflects the state’s wide-open spaces (access required)

Anne Wallace Allen copy

When we set out to talk about mixed-use development in Idaho for this issue of Square Feet, we broadened the definition a bit. Architects and developers generally define mixed-use development as projects containing at least three distinct uses, such as ...

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Tax advantages for angel investors

Learned and Runcorn featured

Angel investors are usually high-net-worth individuals who invest in early-stage, typically high-risk, businesses, thereby helping support the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The U.S. government supports this risky activity by making available certain tax advantages. These tax advantages may allow for the exclusion ...

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Mixed-use development in downtown Boise (access required)

Clay Anderson featured

The mixed-used development trends that have taken the nation by storm over the past decade have now moved into the smaller northwest markets. The Sonoran Institute’s 2014 RESTORE report on mixed use development trends in the Rocky Mountain West notes ...

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Being a good listener takes skill, practice (access required)

Louise Penberthy featured copy

Have you ever worked with someone who’s a poor listener? Probably you have: someone who never understands what you’re saying, who doesn’t seem to pay attention, who may even interrupt you constantly. Alternatively, you may have been surprised by a ...

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Done properly, mixed-use development brings intensity and diversity (access required)

Geoff Wardle featured

Historically, all development was mixed-use. Residential, agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing uses occurred in close proximity. People lived and worked in the same place. Economic considerations and limited transportation options inherently produced compact and mixed-use development. Transportation improvements and modern zoning ...

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Summer jobs for youth are an investment in the future

Wendi Secrist copy

On nearly every survey of workplace needs, employers say their workers need better soft skills. You can play a role in helping workers gain these skills. Soft skills help us live more productively. In a business setting, soft skills are ...

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Online isn’t always the answer (access required)

Quinn Bahm featured

In 2015, the U.S. spent almost $4.7 trillion (that’s trillion with a “t”) on retail sales. How much of that do you think was spent online? 50 percent? 60 percent? 20 percent? According to the US Department of Commerce retail ...

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