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Mixed-use has a long history in Pocatello (access required)

Jeffrey Callen featured

With federal land to the east and west, previously part of the Fort Hall Reservation, Pocatello is essentially landlocked. Pocatello has a history of lot subdividing to meet the once-growing housing demand of the railroad. A city lot in the ...

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In construction, expect the best and prepare for the worst (access required)

Karl Oles copy

When drafting a construction or design contract, it is easy to be carried away by enthusiasm: “This is going to be an exciting project, and we are all going to make money!” It is tempting to fill the contract with ...

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Seven habits of successful negotiators (access required)

Sean Gay featured

If you dislike negotiating, you are not alone. The number of “no haggle, no hassle” car dealerships is but one indication that many people would rather not negotiate. At those dealerships, buyers walk in and pay a price discounted below ...

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Virtual estates: helping clients take stock of digital assets (access required)

Marjorie Suisman featured

According to an annual digital assets survey conducted by online security company McAfee, digital devices, on average, hold an estimated $35,000 of value per person. Additionally, 55 percent of survey respondents claim to keep assets on their devices that are ...

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Software licensing and you

Brad Frazer featured 2015

How many software licenses does your company have? Let’s start with the easy ones: Microsoft Windows for the PC-based computers in your organization, and iOS for the Apple products you own. Then we add the applications, like Microsoft Word and ...

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Neglect of infrastructure can be costly (access required)

Christian Steinbrecher

The recent news about Flint, Mich., puts infrastructure – particularly water infrastructure – squarely up front and center in the media. The question about how this could happen in the 21st century in what many of us believe is the ...

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Mental illness in the workplace: There are ways to help (access required)

Jeff Berlant copy

It is easy to dismiss or pass over a decline in morale or productivity. However, as a business owner or team leader you are the first line of defense for your company’s workforce health and safety. We can all have ...

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Who’s on first? A lesson on the cost of passing the buck (access required)

Bobbi Dominick featured

Let’s say you are a manager in a large company. An employee comes to you and asks for a parking space close to the building because her disability makes it difficult for her to walk all the way from the ...

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Mandated minimum wage increase is not the answer

Rick Howard featured

Our economy has changed, and pay has not recovered from the last recession. There are many reasons for this, but the reasons don’t matter to some leaders. They are tired of waiting and advocate legislating a minimum wage rate increase. ...

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Abandoned properties: The X-Files solution (access required)

Kirk Houston Featured

Driving through downtown Boise today and seeing no fewer than nine cranes on various commercial construction sites, one gets the impression that the Treasure Valley is experiencing healthy, if not robust, capital investment in real property development. At the same ...

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