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Protection against subcontractor defaults (access required)

Andrew Gibson featured copy

Among the worst nightmares for every construction project is the subcontractor default, where a particular trade subcontractor cannot meet its contractual obligations due to insolvency, mispricing or other misallocated risks. A subcontractor default poses potentially significant damages to the prime ...

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Plan now for your exit with intangible assets

Brad Frazer featured 2015

Because I am an intellectual property attorney, I see value in intangibles. If your start-up makes and sells wheelbarrows or shoes or widgets, the balance sheet entries associated with those tangible assets are relatively straightforward. So when you have your ...

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Short-term rentals are all the rage (access required)

Tim Tyree copy

We hear from clients excited to place their homes into the short-term rental market, and we hear from home owner associations ranting about the problems associated with short-term rentals. A myriad of regulations need to be considered before placing a ...

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Turn your idea into reality

Steve Schossberger featured copy

I was recently in Sports Authority talking with the cashier about a new product. She exclaimed, “Wow, that’s really cool that you did this. How did you do it? I’ve had ideas, but, well you know…here I am.” As I ...

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Commercial property management takes skill and sensitivity (access required)

Tim Reid and Tammy Cox

Commercial property management is not for the faint of heart. A good property manager has to be equipped with a number of skillsets. They are part construction manager, part accountant, part engineer, part psychiatrist, part interior designer, and part landscape ...

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When alcohol abuse enters the workplace

rich meneghello

Football powerhouse USC fired its head football coach, Steve Sarkisian, in October after it was widely reported that he had been under the influence of alcohol during several team events. His termination provides a lesson for any employer wondering how ...

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Standards separate the pros from the amateurs (access required)

Seneca Hull featured copy

Adherence to national standards for best practices is what separates the pros from the amateurs. Professionalism is very important to the landscape industry. When you’re hiring someone to do landscape work, it can be difficult to wade through the choices ...

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Second Circuit upholds NLRB social media ruling

Sarah Merkel copy

On a cold January morning in 1959, seven non-union employees walked out of a Baltimore machine shop. The unheated shop was so cold, one employee claimed that an icicle had formed on the spot welder that he was operating. (“High ...

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Avoiding premises liability under Idaho’s recreational use statute (access required)

Quentin Knipe featured copy

A recent Idaho Supreme Court decision offers a helpful primer on Idaho’s Recreational Use Statute for property managers and landowners who make land – or are considering doing so – available to the public for recreational purposes. The Recreational Use ...

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Facebook for lawyers (access required)

Scott MacMullan featured copy

This is the second in my series about how lawyers use social media in comparison to how I think lawyers should use social media to leverage relationships and, most importantly, build friendships. Last time I talked about Twitter. This week ...

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