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Some answers to important ACA questions (access required)

Iris Tilley

On Sept. 17, about two months after most employers would have liked to have seen final guidance, the Internal Revenue Service released final Affordable Care Act reporting forms and instructions for 2015. Applicable large employers and insurers will use these ...

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Software patents are dead! Long live software patents!

Frazer McKay and Parker

I never understood that expression, “The King is dead! Long live the King!” until I started watching Game of Thrones. So when horrible King Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned and the assembled onlookers turned to his younger brother and shouted those ...

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Three technology-related habits worth breaking (access required)

elizabeth millard web

During a lifetime, most people develop less-than-ideal habits that can be detrimental to wellness and maybe even financial health. But when it’s an enterprise or law firm that’s putting those habits into place, it can impact every aspect of operations, ...

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Builders and lenders, meet green building (access required)

Charlie Woodruff featured copy

Building science and technology have come a long way. Modern consumers are more sophisticated than they used to be. They have new expectations and demands for commercial and residential real estate, including increased personal comfort, multi-purpose design and environmental sustainability. ...

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Get paid for what you do (access required)

G. Connie Runia copy

No matter how good your product or services, you will not stay in business if you are not paid. The basic elements of assuring payment: Deliver Value Customers expect value. They choose to do business with you. It follows, then, ...

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Commercial General Liability: Part 3 (access required)

Randy Schmitz Web

In the second part of this series, we discussed whether the “your work” exclusion bars coverage for a contractor’s faulty workmanship. In this article, we will discuss whether another potential exclusion, the “contractual liability” exclusion, bars coverage for faulty workmanship ...

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Cyber security: Is your construction company protected? (access required)

Schact & Meier copy

In the past decade, technological innovation has occurred faster than ever before, creating opportunities that construction industry professionals never could have imagined. Complex structural building components materialize with the push of a button using 3D printing technology, and smartphone apps ...

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Commercial general liability policies: Part 2 (access required)

Randy Schmitz Web

In the first part of this three-part series on commercial general liability, I discussed whether faulty workmanship alone can constitute an “occurrence” under a standard CGL policy. Assuming there has been an “occurrence,” this article will discuss whether the “your ...

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What to expect from the next generation

Bret Thorn featured copy

Are you tired of reading about millennials, that demographic of socially conscious, socially networked, free-thinking, tech-savvy people born around 1980 or later who are the absolute darlings of marketers everywhere? Well you’re not alone. As this kale- and quinoa-eating demographic ...

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How smart is your business? (access required)

Gavin Gee featured copy

“Smart” credit and debit cards, also referred to as “EMV” cards, chip cards, chip-and-signature cards, etc., are the next generation of payment cards. Each card is embedded with a computer chip, making this form of payment card significantly safer, more ...

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