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It might be time for a tune-up of DMCA copyright law

Brad Frazer featured 2015

I actually remember when the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) became law, back in October 1998. I was working in-house for Micron Electronics, and we had just completed the acquisition of a Los Angeles-based web hosting company. The web hosting ...

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Albertsons cancelled IPO: Will value proposition resonate with consumers? (access required)

Timothy Brady copy

Albertsons plans to raise almost $2 billion dollars this month in its initial public offering changed abruptly following Walmart’s disappointing earnings announcement on October 14th and tepid investor interest in the $23-25 share price proposed by Albertsons management. Walmart’s surprising ...

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Stormwater management falls on all of us (access required)

Jeff Ward featured copy

This fall, Idaho Business Review is publishing Square Feet, a quarterly magazine dedicated to commercial and residential design, construction and real estate. This column by Jeff Ward appeared in the print edition of Square Feet, which was distributed with the ...

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The care and feeding of your investors

Kevin Learned Web copy

I have been involved in more than 30 angel investments over the last nine years. Some of those companies have done a superb job interacting with their investors; others a terrible job. If you take capital from investors, you have ...

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Open Spaces levy will strengthen Boise’s economic landscape (access required)

Ken Stoltz featured copy

On November 3, Boise voters will have the chance to pass a temporary override levy to purchase lands in the Boise Foothills and along the Boise River for maintaining a clean water supply and preserving wildlife and recreation areas. On ...

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Treasure Valley’s linear layout makes rail transit a no-brainer (access required)

Teya Vitu commentary copy

The Treasure Valley is ripe for a robust public transit system. It’s the ideal place for a mix of buses, streetcars, light rail, commuter rail and whatever other transportation innovations happen along in coming years. A look at the congestion ...

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Tame the chaos and discover clarity (access required)

Karen Natzel Web

Many of my clients report feeling scattered as they navigate their day in the role of CEO/firefighter. Their to-do lists are never-ending. Will better priority management and more effective organizational systems improve productivity? Probably. The deeper transformation, however, comes from ...

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Tips to avoid religious discrimination liability while hiring (access required)

Pam Howland

What do you do if a job candidate walks into an interview wearing a hijab, yarmulke or cross? You may have no intention of discussing religion during the interview, yet the candidate’s headwear, facial hair, jewelry or tattoos may raise ...

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Indoor air quality matters, too (access required)

Elizabeth cooper featured copy

We spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors, but we don’t completely understand indoor potential hazards. It pays to pay attention to indoor air quality. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the first costs of construction account for ...

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New construction industry rules expand powers of arbitrators (access required)

Cory Haller copy

As the judge took the bench, the attorneys were ready for the jury’s verdict. They had worked long hours preparing their arguments, prepping witnesses, cataloging evidence, and devising cross-examination strategies. They were not, however, ready for their hard work to ...

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