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For the first time, learning to compete (access required)

Dorie Fain featured copy

Growing up in Rhode Island, I knew that my home state was the smallest in the union. It is something most Rhode Islanders know as a catch phrase, yet until you leave the state and live in much larger places ...

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To recruit workers, go where they go (access required)

Mike Salsgiver copy

Thousands of students are entering high schools and colleges at this time of year. At the same time, you cannot read headlines today without seeing something about the next generation of workers and the construction industry’s skilled labor shortage. The ...

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Millennial-friendly office space (access required)

Whitney Hansen featured copy

The first time I walked into Boise State University’s new business building, I saw an environment I wasn’t expecting. Tables and chairs were on wheels and could easily be moved wherever. The halls were lined with private team rooms with ...

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Albertsons success will have a multiplier effect

Tim Brady Web copy

Albertsons’ upcoming Initial Public Offering marks its reintroduction as a publicly traded company and its resurgence as the esteemed grocer that many Idahoans remember so well. Following the path set by Joe Albertson, which focused on clean stores, fresh, quality ...

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Reasonable compensation issues in business valuations (access required)

Jim Schnell featured copy

The IRS periodically publishes “Job Aids for IRS Valuation Professionals.” These resources are helpful for IRS Valuation Engineers, other IRS field personnel and valuation professionals in practice. While these documents are issued with a standard disclaimer stating “This Job Aid ...

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Make sure your website ‘clicks’ with potential clients (access required)

Larry Bodine copy

Success in getting more clicks, conversions and clients on a law firm website turns on the site’s usability — which today means engaging visitors and prompting them to stay longer and dig deeper into your site. That’s the message from ...

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Assessing your own value (access required)

Jay Holmes web

I am often asked to help businesses analyze the cost of their products or services. Most of these inquiries end as quickly as they start. I always ask why the business owner wants to know this information. Often, it is ...

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In commercial real estate, technology changes the game (access required)

It’s no secret that the commercial real estate industry has lagged behind in terms of technological innovation. While other industries have been dramatically transformed thanks to technology, commercial real estate has not experienced this high level of innovation. That appears ...

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Why do 401(k)s breed such investor apathy? (access required)

David Peatree copy

Despite the best efforts and good intentions of the federal government, 401(k) investors remain stubbornly disengaged from their retirement plans. Most have no idea how much they are paying in fees and other expenses. Many assume naively that their plans ...

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