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Boomers, is your business ready for sale?


Baby Boomers are the largest, wealthiest and most entrepreneurial generation, and the decisions they make have an impact on the economy. Every day from now until 2023, Boomers will turn 65 at the rate of about 10,000 per day.  About ...

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The dangers of open Wi-Fi (access required)

Jim Marasco Web

When you’re away from home or work, it’s become difficult to get through the day without having access to the Internet. Whether you’re checking your email, social media, paying bills or trying to stay connected to the office, access to ...

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The basics of a lawyer’s smartphone (access required)

Jim Calloway Web

At a recent discussion on smartphones at a bar association annual meeting, an attendee pulled out an old-style flip phone and smiled at us. This happens a lot, although not nearly with the frequency it did several years ago. Sometimes ...

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For some, it’s an uphill path to a job. You can help.

Anne Wallace Allen copy

Michael Dinardo, who teaches carpentry and masonry to prisoners through the Idaho Department of Correction, crossed paths last summer with a former student who had been released from custody and was working for a drywall company in Boise. “He was ...

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Employment law will change under the Trump administration (access required)

John Ashby Web

Many of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises focused on job creation and a reduction in business regulation.  Indeed, he famously stated that he would be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Part of President Trump’s promise to create ...

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Marijuana and the workplace


In November’s highly contested election, legalizing marijuana was one of the only issues that many Americans were able to agree on.  California, Nevada, Arizona, and Massachusetts all had ballot measures legalizing recreational marijuana in certain amounts.  Only the measure in ...

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By building relationships, construction sets itself apart (access required)

Mike Salsgiver copy

At the end of January, the Associated General Contractors’ Oregon-Columbia chapter installed a new president. Brian Gray, the Northwest region president of Knife River Corp., highlighted in his inaugural speech that our industry is one that builds. We build hospitals, ...

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When the best project team may not be enough (access required)

Sean Gay featured

Contractors and designers know that assembling the right team is vital to any construction project’s success. Savvy project owners also know this. For example, a project owner may ask a design-builder to submit information about its team of designers and ...

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Failure as an opportunity for improvement (access required)

Shawn Healy copy

Being a lawyer often involves a fair amount of sales and persuasion. Whether you are delivering an argument or pitching yourself as the lawyer who can deliver for his clients, a common burden for lawyers is the idea that you ...

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Lessons from mediation for the world of politics (access required)


Professional polls across the country and the world reflect a lot more agreement among the populace with the outlines of President Donald Trump’s proposed policies than his detractors would like to believe. They also reflect a lot more anxiety about ...

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