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An aircraft carrier, a pair of mentors, and some babies. Next: Law school

Anne Wallace Allen copy

Bastinne Simon’s path through higher education so far has involved an aircraft carrier, a couple of babies (hers); another baby (another family’s), a pair of lawyers, one in Manhattan; and a husband who believes in her. Simon, 27, graduated from ...

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Project risk management: a quality-based approach (access required)

Christian Steinbrecher

To be successful, project teams must manage their risks. It is a progressive effort that evolves as the project develops. The critical component of a risk management effort is the development of mitigation strategies that ensure that the project team ...

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IP possibilities, pitfalls in a cannabis business (access required)


Whether you own a restaurant, car dealership, widget factory or any other business, soon after you begin to enjoy commercial success you will likely search for opportunities to increase the scope of your operations. By making your goods or services ...

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Sexual orientation discrimination law has courts split (access required)

Sean Ray Web

Recent headlines may have employers wondering whether federal law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Many employers are already familiar with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is the federal law prohibiting discrimination based on a ...

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Business succession planning in the Trump era (access required)

Carmen Calzacorta Web

There is a lot of speculation about how the Trump era will impact the construction industry – from the border wall, to pipeline projects, to fast-track future projects, to a focus on infrastructure needs, to proposed tax and regulatory changes. ...

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LSAT should test for grit and logic (access required)

Sybil Dunlop copy

Last month, Harvard Law School announced that it would no longer require applicants to take the LSAT to apply. Applicants can now submit either LSAT scores or scores from their Graduate Record Examination (more commonly known as the GRE). According ...

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Beware: uptick in sexual harassment claims possible (access required)

rich meneghello

Whenever the topic of sexual harassment reaches mainstream media outlets, people are bound to take notice. And when sexual harassment allegations involving a prominent public figure like Bill O’Reilly appear in the headlines of just about every major national and ...

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Traditional and valued-added services for real estate entities (access required)


Commercial real estate companies (such as property developers, owners, investors, managers and lenders) face unique income tax, development, accounting and financial reporting issues. The best source for expert solutions to these issues are accounting firms that provide traditional accounting services ...

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