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The short end: abandoning the leasehold (access required)


It is a fear for many landlords when they decide to go into the rental property business: What happens if someone rents your property and then decides they want to break their lease early?  This is where things can get ...

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HR panel: Shelve the policy manuals in favor of training and trust

Anne Wallace Allen copy

The Meridian human resources company Ameriben is a huge place by Idaho standards – it has 700 employees and expects to double in size in the next four years. It hired 20 people just last week. But when Human Resources ...

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Cautionary tales for commercial property managers


The real estate market is perking along at a fairly healthy pace. Even so, property managers must manage struggling tenants from time to time. While this is inevitable in any market, there are some steps that property managers can take ...

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How to avoid suits over employee dismissals (access required)


People get fired every day. The majority of them just go away, sometimes very angry, but at least they go away and don’t sue. Why is that? Is it because their termination met all of their employer’s “we’re safe!” criteria ...

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Workplace lessons from a trio of court cases (access required)

rich meneghello

They say things often come in threes – this month, I’ll review three recent court decisions to help employers learn from the mistakes of others. “Shake hands and play nice” The first decision was handed down in November 2016 from ...

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Sticking to time and budget constraints is still crucial (access required)

Christian Steinbrecher

Managing costs and schedules is an important part of the construction business. The ability to predict the cost of a project is critical to ensuring that owners can invest their money and realize returns to support their investments. Folks in ...

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Utilitarianism invades the window seat (access required)


We can all agree that the airport police officer did the unpopular thing when he yanked Dr. David Dao out of his window seat on the Chicago-Cincinnati flight. But I believe that United Airlines and its regional partner Republic Airline ...

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Venture College entrepreneur is making waves with river rafters

Anne Wallace Allen copy

If you think nothing says “summer” like the experience of rafting one of Idaho’s most storied rivers, you’re not alone. This year, there were nearly 30,000 applications submitted to float the big four: the Middle Fork of the Salmon, the ...

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Compensation discussions in the board room (access required)


Did you ever ask your parents “How much do you get paid?” If you did, you probably got the same response I did, which is awkward silence followed by, “It’s not polite to ask people what they get paid.” Lesson ...

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Lack of ADA accommodation request may not matter (access required)


Two recent appellate court decisions remind employers to be vigilant about employees who may not be asking for a disability accommodation, but who are nevertheless owed one by law. An engineer for a gun manufacturer did not have a lot ...

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