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Even if you can’t pay your taxes, file your return (access required)

robbins large

Q: I was not able to pay all my taxes by the extended due date of my return. My certified public accountant told me I should file my return anyway, but I didn’t want to alert the Internal Revenue Service ...

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Eagle park would serve as skier incubator


Every fall, people ask Scott Wasem, a farmer who for 16 years has been running the Snowhaven ski hill in Grangeville, for his winter weather forecast. Wasem, who grows wheat, canola and barley, always has the same answer: “I’ll let ...

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Tamarack’s never-ending foreclosure

T.J. Angstman

Most readers are probably aware of the legal problems that have plagued the Tamarack resort in Valley County since the foreclosure began almost six years ago. While this isn’t the longest foreclosure in the history of the United States, it ...

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A difficult job, but one that’s worth doing properly


Even though it’s only been around for two years, the Idaho Aquarium already has a sordid history. Founded as a moneymaking venture by a pair who later went on to plead guilty to federal charges of illegally obtaining marine animals, ...

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Are LEED certification challenges on the horizon?

Bart Reed

The LEED Certification Challenge Policy adopted by the Green Building Certification Institute has emerged to create potentially serious risk and liability exposure to all Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design project team members – including owners, designers and contractors – ...

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Tell all employees about DOMA changes

Michelle Hicks WEB

If you’re an employer whose benefit plans are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you should seriously consider how your organization will respond to the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage Act ruling and subsequent Internal Revenue Service clarifications ...

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Skills gap? Grow your own

Eric Gundlach

If you’re a small-business owner who is having difficulty finding key talent, you’re not alone. Despite high unemployment, there is a shortage of qualified people in a wide range of occupations across the country. Several key trends suggest these skills ...

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Training supervisors can minimize risk of employment claims

Charla Bizios Stevens

Statistics and anecdotal information continue to show that discrimination and retaliation claims are on the rise. Verdicts are larger than ever as juries lose patience with companies unable to rein in managers who engage in questionable conduct. Legal costs rise, ...

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Entrepreneurs forge ahead with ‘crowd funding’ alternatives (access required)

Tom Palmer

“Crowd funding,” under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, will create an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to raise capital by selling securities to ordinary investors using the Internet and social networking sites. When implemented, Jobs Act crowd ...

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