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Simple antidote to ‘seat of the pants’ management

Ed Poll

Documenting policies and procedures is a practical tool to help any law firm, even a small or virtual one, to assess its operation against objective standards. Law firms are businesses, and every business should have a rationale for its actions. ...

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The opportunity cost of decision fatigue (access required)

Michelle Hicks WEB

A relatively new book by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney called Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength takes a look an ailment affecting all of us, including our employees: decision fatigue. The book essentially proves what Joe Albertson knew ...

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A door opens for nonlawyer fee-sharing

Ed Poll

Many law firms, both large and small, use contract lawyers to provide legal counsel at reduced cost. Thanks in large part to emerging technology, contract attorneys can contribute to work and efficiency if used correctly as a transparent resource, offering ...

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Homebuyers are voting with their feet

Randy Carpenter

Do you love your commute? Would you prefer to walk or ride a bike to work? When searching for a home, how important is proximity to shopping, restaurants, parks and other amenities? The answers to these questions are changing, both ...

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Which is better, cash or accrual reports? (access required)

robbins large

Q: I opened my small law practice in Twin Falls recently and spent some time getting my accounting system set up. I am using QuickBooks, but I noticed that when I print reports I can select either “cash” or “accrual.” ...

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Employer-provided spousal benefits face different requirements from state to state

Bret Clark

Idaho-based employers with employees in multiple states could be subject to significant penalties and litigation if they do not comply with the laws of each state regarding group health coverage and other benefits provided to the same-sex spouses of employees. ...

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How to value a startup for potential investors

Melanie Rubocki

Coming up with the right valuation for your company in the startup phase of a company’s life cycle can be very tricky. In the early stages of formation, the value of your company is most likely close to zero. Obviously, ...

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What’s the holdup, BVEP?


A lot of good news has come out of Twin Falls lately. A 1 million-square-foot Chobani yogurt plant opened last year, and Glanbia Foods, the largest maker of American cheese in the country, opened its corporate headquarters there this summer. ...

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Avoiding disputes over the ownership of social media accounts

Lisa McGrath

In 2006, PhoneDog Media LLC, a mobile phone website, hired Noah Kravitz to tweet on behalf of PhoneDog from the Twitter account, @Phonedog_Noah. The account amassed more than 17,000 followers in nearly four years. When Kravitz left PhoneDog in 2010, ...

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How will the JOBS Act help Idaho businesses? (access required)

Brian Larsen

Over the past six weeks, the manner in which companies will be permitted to raise capital has changed dramatically. On Sept. 23, Title II of the JOBS Act was officially implemented, lifting the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ban on mass ...

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