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Companies expand screenings to temp employees, too (access required)

Office workers.

As organizations move from permanent employees to more use of temporary, contingent, and “gig” employees, the pre-employment screenings typically associated with permanent hires are starting to be seen for temporary employees as well. That’s according to the Society for Human ...

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Boise State runs data collection project on Treefort Music Fest

A Treefort mural on The Owyhee which provides lounges to musicians and journalists during Treefort Music Fest and hosts screenings for the event's sub film festival. Photo by Benton Alexander Smith

Treefort Music Fest, now in its sixth year, is working with Boise State University on a data collection project. “Since we have been growing this from scratch, we had no means for gathering metrics those first years,” said Cathy Knipe, ...

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Friends without benefits: Companies are now verifying spouses and dependents (access required)

medical ambulance cropped

After letting employees simply add the names of spouses and dependents to health insurance coverage, more firms are taking a Reagan-esque approach to policies: Trust, but verify. They are asking employees to verify spouses’ and dependents’ status with birth and ...

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Retirement looms for lawyers as baby boomers age (access required)

Bud Yost at his law office in Nampa. Yost plans to retire when he's 80. Photo by Pete Grady.

After a long career in the law, lawyers of the Baby Boomer generation are now facing the prospect of retirement. And for many, it’s not an easy transition. “The point at which attorneys consider retirement is based on more issues ...

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Idaho House OKs community college funding amid division

Idaho Statehouse cropped

Idaho House lawmakers once again revealed a growing division inside their chamber on March 21 over a dicey community college budget debate. Earlier this year, state budget writers settled on allocating the state’s three community colleges nearly $40 million, or ...

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Idaho Senate makes new changes to transportation plan

Idaho senators whittled down a $530 million transportation funding plan on March 22 with the hopes of getting it through both chambers before lawmakers adjourn for the year. The latest transportation plan is now roughly $320 million, primarily by using ...

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US group seeks better access to China’s farm goods market


An American business group appealed to China on March 21 to ease import restrictions on agricultural goods including genetically modified seeds and other biotechnology, highlighting complaints Beijing blocks market access despite its vocal support for free trade. The American Chamber ...

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Idaho Power plans significant shift from coal (access required)


Despite national rhetoric about loosening restrictions on the use of coal, Idaho Power plans to significantly shift its portfolio away from the fuel type in the coming decade. The public utility accepts energy from seven coal-powered generators located in Oregon, Nevada ...

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Saffron growers look to get a foothold in the US

As spring crocus blooms approach, some growers have visions of a fall-flowering crocus that produces saffron, the world’s most valuable spice. University of Vermont researchers have been raising the exotic spice now grown primarily in Iran and are encouraging growers ...

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