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Keeping cool by design (access required)

Portland, Ore.'s 220,000 street trees and 1.2 million park trees play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of heat in the city. Photo by Sam Tenney of the DJC

When temperatures soar, city dwellers feel the impact more than anyone else. The heat island effect can cause a city core to become as much as 20 degrees hotter than rural areas. “More and more, it’s definitely an issue,” said ...

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A struggle to avoid culture shock (access required)

Joy Alise Davis of Design+Culture Lab leads a workshop for a Portland Bureau of Transportation community grant program last month. Davis is the CEO and a founding partner of the firm, which works with designers and builders to conduct outreach to minority communities. (Sam Tenney/DJC)

Designing buildings that will change a community for decades to come is never an easy endeavor. Doing so when without speaking many residents’ languages or knowing their cultures can be exponentially tougher. “Fundamentally, in any community, if you ask them ...

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A green renewal (access required)

Despite an expected decrease in federal subsidies for green building features like solar power, representatives of several local firms say they will continue to continue making energy efficiency a priority. Photo courtesy of Neil Kelly

President Donald Trump, who said we can “leave” the environment during his presidency so long as we don’t hurt business, appears to have provided an unexpected shot in the arm to the Portland, Ore. green building community. Word that incentive ...

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