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Big decisions: if and when to speak up (access required)

Holst Architecture partners, from left, Renee Strand, Kevin Valk, Kim Wilson, and Dave Otte agreed to take a stand on climate change and sign an open letter to President Donald Trump advocating for sustainability. Photo courtesy of Holst Architecture.

Architects, engineers and builders have a reputation for maintaining a single-minded focus on turning their concepts into reality. In today’s charged political environment, however, increasing numbers of firms are willing to take stands that may put them at odds with ...

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Pay disparity hurts women in Idaho (access required)

Women working in a Treasure Valley health care office.

Idaho has been showing up on flattering Top Ten lists lately, but it’s also on one that isn’t such good news: The state ranked No. 7 for the worst inequality of pay between men and women. Policy and business leaders ...

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Employment law will change under the Trump administration (access required)

John Ashby Web

Many of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises focused on job creation and a reduction in business regulation.  Indeed, he famously stated that he would be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Part of President Trump’s promise to create ...

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Marijuana and the workplace


In November’s highly contested election, legalizing marijuana was one of the only issues that many Americans were able to agree on.  California, Nevada, Arizona, and Massachusetts all had ballot measures legalizing recreational marijuana in certain amounts.  Only the measure in ...

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