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Lack of ADA accommodation request may not matter (access required)


Two recent appellate court decisions remind employers to be vigilant about employees who may not be asking for a disability accommodation, but who are nevertheless owed one by law. An engineer for a gun manufacturer did not have a lot ...

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‘Ban the box’ efforts are active in states surrounding Idaho (access required)

Criminals who have paid their debt to society are often faced with a new barrier once they leave prison: Employment applications that ask whether they’ve ever been convicted of a crime, and potential employers that write off anyone who checks ...

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Good HR directors are in tune with management and with workers

Anne Wallace Allen copy

Very much like librarians, human resources managers have acquired a bad reputation over the years. Where librarians are seen as the killjoys who hush library patrons, HR people are often viewed as the administrators who kill the best ideas – ...

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Companies expand screenings to temp employees, too (access required)

Office workers.

As organizations move from permanent employees to more use of temporary, contingent, and “gig” employees, the pre-employment screenings typically associated with permanent hires are starting to be seen for temporary employees as well. That’s according to the Society for Human ...

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Friends without benefits: Companies are now verifying spouses and dependents (access required)

medical ambulance cropped

After letting employees simply add the names of spouses and dependents to health insurance coverage, more firms are taking a Reagan-esque approach to policies: Trust, but verify. They are asking employees to verify spouses’ and dependents’ status with birth and ...

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Retirement looms for lawyers as baby boomers age (access required)

Bud Yost at his law office in Nampa. Yost plans to retire when he's 80. Photo by Pete Grady.

After a long career in the law, lawyers of the Baby Boomer generation are now facing the prospect of retirement. And for many, it’s not an easy transition. “The point at which attorneys consider retirement is based on more issues ...

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Big decisions: if and when to speak up (access required)

Holst Architecture partners, from left, Renee Strand, Kevin Valk, Kim Wilson, and Dave Otte agreed to take a stand on climate change and sign an open letter to President Donald Trump advocating for sustainability. Photo courtesy of Holst Architecture.

Architects, engineers and builders have a reputation for maintaining a single-minded focus on turning their concepts into reality. In today’s charged political environment, however, increasing numbers of firms are willing to take stands that may put them at odds with ...

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Pay disparity hurts women in Idaho

Women working in a Treasure Valley health care office.

Idaho has been showing up on flattering Top Ten lists lately, but it’s also on one that isn’t such good news: The state ranked No. 7 for the worst inequality of pay between men and women. Policy and business leaders ...

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Employment law will change under the Trump administration (access required)

John Ashby Web

Many of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises focused on job creation and a reduction in business regulation.  Indeed, he famously stated that he would be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Part of President Trump’s promise to create ...

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