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What Minnick speaks out on health care

Most recently, freshman democratic rep. Walt Minnick has been cited as the kind of democrat Idaho needs in congress.

Votes against economic stimulus funding, health care reform and environmental issues have landed him praise by his home state’s majority republican stronghold.

But, when you talk with Minnick, he tells you he’s doing what he thinks is best.

We had an opportunity to visit with Representative Minnick at his office in Meridian earlier this month.

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“I want health care reform, but with the system we’ve got right now, is … ah.. Costs are out of control, we get less bang for the bank in comparison to any other developed country in what we spend compared to how healthy our society is. The system is broken.

It’s important to reform right. I want in this era of trillion dollar deficits; I want any major reform that creates an entitlement program to be paid for so it doesn’t worsen the deficit. I think the president has said a reasonable objective is terms of he didn’t want to have to spend more than ninety billion dollars in ten years. He wanted a real cost control. Unless you get a rate of cost increase controlled, no amount of other reform … It’s like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. He also wanted an insurance base that pretty much covers everybody. The bill in the house failed all of those standards. ”

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Congressman Minnick also discussed the job training bill he proposed in the House earlier this year, and why it is so important.

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“Well, it’s very important in this era where business is changing rapidly, and we’re moving as a country toward high tech, toward new energy technologies… the skills that people have coming out of school ten or twenty years ago don’t make the job opportunities that are being created. And it this era where a lot of people are unemployed, I think that it’s important that we focus toward new jobs and we do them against national standards.

If you’re looking to change from an old economy job to a new economy job, you can get that training in advance to being unemployed. So, you can get a national standard, a national certificate that will be good whether you get that high tech job in biotech in Idaho, or whether you get it in New Jersey, you’ll have the same certificate.

My bill will allow this technical training to be focused on the future jobs, for people to sign up for it before they are unemployed, using existing funds and facilities to deliver training for these jobs at places like Boise State, an extra voc-tech building in a school system, to put these facilities and monies in use in ways that people can get these jobs of the future.”


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