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Here’s hope for 2010

I am not a resolution maker, nor “best of” or top ten lister, but here’s hoping for sanity and success in this new year. We don’t need audacious goals to get our mojo back, though they are welcome. Just plain, good, sane thinking will lead us to the success we need.

For many in our business community it will mean doing what you are already doing. And if you are wanting to open a shop or restaurant remember that inexperience in management and under-capitalization are the two main reasons you will fail. Don’t lose your dream and other people’s money by failing to build a sound business plan.

If your dream business involves cooking and serving food then be doubly smart. Restaurants come and go faster than just about any other enterprise. And remember, serving good food will not carry you to success. Assume good food and excellent service, and then have a business model that will get people to spend their money in your establishment at a margin that will endure.

If you’re a large business don’t back away from what you need to do, but giving typically large bonuses for currently mediocre performance will only get you more regulation and government control. Be smart, and understand the Feds only love you as they can control you. Don’t give them reasons to be your new CEO.

For our federal delegation, just remember what is Idaho and work to resist that elixir of power that is Washington, D.C. I am currently reading John Meacham’s “American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House,” and when pressed with never-ending Congressional spending bills Jackson stood and said “Sir(s),…have you looked at the condition of the Treasury?” Enough said then. Enough said today.

Here in Idaho, as our legislature soon will convene they would do well to begin with two understandings. First, no new expenditures, and second, no new taxes. Now, fund the Constitutional and essential services of the state and make it work. That will be sufficient for one session and require the best thinking of the elected members, advisors and citizenry.

These are modest goals and they don’t address unemployment, but smart business planning and keeping your doors open will. They don’t address real estate, but real estate runs on a life of its own…still, employed people have a better chance to make the mortgage. They don’t address Obama’s wars but surely he believes that like AIG, we are “too big to fail.”

So let’s get 2010 out of the chute and running. Here’s hoping for a great new year. 2010 – go get ‘em!

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