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Put it to the test, open it on the Web

Up until late last year I was working in IT for a local bank.

Then shortly after the holidays I was called into the CEO’s office (never a good sign) and laid off. IT has changed drastically over the years.
When I initially made my way into IT the average IT person could make upwards of $55,000 per year.
In today’s market a person can look to make on average of $10 – $12 an hour in the Boise area. What’s wrong with this picture?
The highly skilled technical job I spent 15 years gaining expertise in no longer pays my bills when I am employed. And to top it off most IT jobs are now contract positions which means layoffs are common.
Something I soon discovered was that finding a new job in this economy was like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Currently, there are a lot of talented hard working people looking for work on a daily basis. I like technology and helping people so I decided to start a business of my own.
I decided to become an entrepreneur!
I hope to share the hands-on knowledge and expertise I have gained over the years with small businesses to help them not only survive but thrive.
Marketing can be very expensive, but with the Internet the costs can be minimal and the returns mind-boggling. That’s why I started E-Business Consultants. I wanted to show small business owners how to uncover the many ways in which the Internet can help to grow their business.
Businesses that are not utilizing the web for marketing purposes might as well throw in the towel now.
Most businesses realize they need to have a Web site, but they don’t know how to effectively use the Web site to drive people into their brick and mortar business. They also don’t know how to track the ROI of their Web site. Most business owners don’t even know where their Web site is hosted! And very few are using all the available means to drive customers to their Web site. They also are not taking advantage of the traffic they are generating to their site.
Here are a couple of ways that you can generate more visits to your Web site:
– First things first, advertise your Web site on everything. Do your business cards have your web address on it? What about your billing that goes out to existing customers, your give-aways like pens or other items – do they have your web address imprinted on them? Think of everywhere you can place that web address and put it on there, receipts, credit card receipts, etc.
– Second, gather the e-mail addresses of everyone that comes into your business. Put a lead capture system on your Web site, so that when people do visit your Web site you can capture their e-mail addresses. One of the best ways to increase your ROI is by doing follow up permission based e-marketing. With a Web site, your ace in the hole is that you can change your marketing message in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. A few tweaks here or there can do wonders for any site.

Kevin Weist is the owner of E-BusinessConsultants.net and can be reached at 208-412-1848. for free e-mail marketing seminar dates please visit us at www.e-businessconsultants.net or email me at Kevin@E-BusinessConsultants.net

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