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Idaho Business Review rolls out new Web site

The New Year brings many new things, including new approaches to old ideas. It has been several years since the Idaho Business Review rolled out a new Web site. The previous Web site has kept business news readers informed with daily updates in a basic manner. The new and improved www.idahobusinessreview.com will bring even more business news from all corners of Idaho and present it in exciting new ways.

Sean Evans

Sean Evans

Although the new site has changed visually and you will see we are offering even more content online than we have in previous versions of the Web site, there is a one major change that may affect you. In posting nearly all of our content online moving forward, we have made the decision to hold a large portion of that content for subscriber access only.

For more than 25 years, the Idaho Business Review has been proud to serve our subscribers. We have provided them information to help them make informed decisions when it comes to business. This for many years has been an advantage that our subscribers have enjoyed.

If you are a current subscriber of the Idaho Business Review, you now have access to the complete Web site as well as the print edition and the numerous magazines we publish. If you are not a subscriber of the Idaho Business Review, you will still have access to some of our most popular online features, such as the Biz Blogs and other web-only content. To ensure that you are taking full advantage of the information that the Idaho Business Review provides on a weekly basis take a moment and become a subscriber.

The stories written by our staff of reporters and editors are some of the most in-depth business news you can get and provide valuable insight into trends of different business segments across Idaho. With the new Web site we have divided our reporting into Market Sectors, and all stories will fall into one or more of these sectors on the Web. The sectors we currently have are: Real Estate, Construction, Technology, Health Care, Financial Services, Law & Government, Resources, and Education.

Business leads have long been a benefit that the Idaho Business Review has provided our readers. This will continue in even more expanded ways with the addition of our Public Records online. We have staff members collect data from numerous courthouses, government agencies, and other sources across the state and provide information such as: New Business Filings, New Corporation Filings, Construction Bids, Building Permits, Bankruptcies, and numerous Civil Court filings.

The new Web site allows us to move to a business news source that publishes online daily. We have been doing this for some time now, but with the new site you will see a majority of the home page change daily, sometimes multiple times daily.

As technology changes, so do the tools that we use to report on the news. Until now we have only been able to bring you the story in the written word. The use of multimedia in the new idahobusinessreview.com will expand our storytelling capabilities to include audio and video interviews. We still encourage our readers to participate in the news process and leave comments on articles that elicit continued discussion.

I am very excited what this new Web site means to our goal of expanding the benefits the Idaho Business Review provides our subscribers, and hope that what we provide online may encourage you to become one of the many in Idaho that Gets Business Done with the Idaho Business Review.

Sean Evans is vice president and publisher of the Idaho Business Review. Contact him by writing sean.evans@idahobusinessreview.com

About Sean Evans

Sean Evans is Publisher and Vice-President for the Idaho Business Review. Sean has been in his current position since 2009.

You can reach Sean Evans via email at sean.evans@idahobusinessreview.com or by phone at (208) 639-3512