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Idaho Power among top U.S. firms on carbon management

When it comes to handling environmental policy changes and climate-related innovation, Boise-based Idaho Power Co. ranks ahead of business giants like Google, Starbucks and Target.

That’s according to the Maplecroft Climate Innovation Index, released on Jan. 26, which rated 300 of the largest U.S. companies on their climate-related innovation and carbon management programs.

Maplecroft, a Bath, England-based risk management and strategy firm, placed Idaho Power 68th in the survey.

Rankings were based on five criteria: effective, verifiable management; reduction of carbon emissions through policy, partnerships and efficiency; measurement of greenhouse gas reductions; use of new technologies or programs; and policy responsiveness.

According to the study, Idaho Power’s diverse energy portfolio, along with its commitment to efficiency technology and programs like smart meters and demand-side management, allow it to deliver solid financial returns while addressing environmental concerns.

Maplecroft said that companies which lead in the areas of climate-related innovation and carbon management are most capable of navigating – and shaping – the changing energy policy environment.

Idaho Power, the state’s largest public utility, generates electricity from 17 hydroelectric dams as well as alternative sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.

The company’s energy efficiency measures recently garnered national attention from the New York Times, which published a lengthy piece on the utility in its Jan. 24 edition.

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