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C-store burritos: $1; Ethics lesson: priceless (access required)

It seems most of my lunches these days come from the nearest gas station. Fine dining it is not, but it often affords the opportunity for a little noon-time slice of life. Such was the case the other day, when I stopped in for my habitual meal of $1 hot case burritos. As the cashier was totaling ...

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  1. I am still chuckling over the dean’s academic-speak. “…business decisions aren’t made in functional silos,” he said. “What was missing in the past was a systems approach…”

  2. Ethics were tested back at the beginning of time when Eve lied to Adam about the forbidden fruit. Ethics is nothing new, it’s just been lost for the greater greed of humanity. If honesty were a requirement for any political figure we couldn’t elect anyone.

    Accountability was created for those who lost the value of ethics. As a society we must start with ourselves and then hold our leaders to a higher level of ethics. When they don’t play by the rules then accountability needs to step in with great consequence.

    Our political leaders want to hold themselves to their own level of accountability and you have to ask yourself….how’s that working for us ?

  3. Ethics, always an interesting topic. It is hard to have a really good conversation on the topic, including the slippery slope, without bringing God into it. But then it is probably safer to leave it with burritos and tobacco pills. I do like the burittos though…

  4. John, the current situation has been been in the making for an awfully long time. Trying to tag blame on any single administration would be foolhardy.

    This is a pretty good read that runs through some of the key events in the last century or so:

    PS – Jack Morris is a great leader for the CBE.

  5. Very good article, you should send this to the It wasn’t the last administration that caused the current dilema, it was the lax rules, regulations, and examples of poor ethics at the highest level. More folks on wall street and banks should get some street level ethics at the local burrito shop and Listen to what is Said! Thanks