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Idaho Power issues incentive checks to Seedbiotics, Caldwell and Twin Falls SDs

Idaho Power recently issued checks to Caldwell and Twin Falls school districts, and to Caldwell’s Seedbiotics, a Becker Underwood company.

The checks, from Idaho Power’s Building Efficiency and Custom Efficiency programs, are for energy-efficiency improvements that the recipients made to their buildings. The upgrades qualified them for $175,727 in total incentives, Idaho Power said.

Seedbiotics upgraded lighting throughout its facility from T12 fluorescent fixtures to more efficient T8 fluorescent technology – replacing metal halide lamps with more efficient T8 fluorescents, replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent technology and adding occupancy sensors throughout.

The upgrades will save Seedbiotics about $11,491 in electric bills per year over the previously installed lighting, Idaho Power said in a release. This saves about 145,607 kilowatt-hours per year, enough electricity to power 11 average-sized Idaho homes for one year, the utility said. Seedbiotics’ participation in Idaho Power’s Custom Efficiency program resulted in a $17,473 incentive. The program offers cash incentives to large commercial and industrial customers who undertake complex projects to improve the efficiency of their electrical systems or process.

Idaho Power and the Caldwell School District worked together over the past year to incorporate energy- efficient design features into Van Buren Elementary School. These features include reduced lighting density, energy management controls and occupancy sensors. The upgrades will save Van Buren and the school district about $17,175 in electric bills annually over standard-code equipment, Idaho Power said, or about 343,485 kilowatt-hours per year – enough electricity to power 26 average-sized Idaho homes. Caldwell School District received a $58,254 cash incentive from Idaho Power’s Building Efficiency program.

Twin Falls School District installed energy-efficient equipment and fixtures in constructing Canyon Ridge High School. Features include reduced lighting density, daylight photo controls, occupancy sensors, efficient air conditioning units, demand-controlled ventilation and high efficiency exit signs. Idaho Power said the energy efficiency upgrades will save the school and the district about $42,710 in electric bills per year, or about 854,199 kilowatt-hours per year – enough electricity to power 65 average-sized Idaho homes. Twin Falls School District received a check from Idaho Power’s Building Efficiency program for $100,000, the maximum incentive allowed through that program, the company said.

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