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Idaho Supreme Court working for rural interests

Robb Hicken

Robb Hicken

For years the Idaho Supreme Court has been a leader in management practice for the justice system in its innovation and constant improvements to serve the people of Idaho.

In 2009, the court received an award for the delivery of court services as well as its leadership in improving justice in rural areas.

The state supreme court doesn’t cater to the “one-size-fits-all” simply for Idaho residents, and continues to make improvements.

We invited Chief Justice Daniel Eismann to the set March 3 to talk about the five key areas in which the Idaho Supreme Court has exercised leadership in introducing effective court programs that reach residents in rural areas.

KTRV’s Bri Eggers had a chance to talk with the Chief Justice recently.

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  1. Bob, what ‘effing planet are you on? The Idaho Supreme Court couldn’t even get the Idaho Legislature to obey its unanimous ruling on school districts M&O monies, after the contentious 15 year lawsuit-defence the Legislature funded and LOST. By the way, the plaintiffs have taken that one to federal court.

    What Idaho needs is a well funded public interest law firm, not associated with IACI, the Farm Bureau, or the Left.

    If some young lawyers really wanted to make a name for themselves, Idaho is a great oppty for such a firm. There’s so much backwardness & corruption.