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Have you hugged your (local) bank today? (access required)

As appealing as the prospect of full-time employment is right about now, I’d have to think twice if someone offered me a public relations gig at a major bank. I don’t imagine I could describe the challenge any more prosaically than a bank lobbyist who was quoted in a recent Time Magazine article as ...

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  1. Good column Michael,

    Yes, I do hug my local bank – my business accounts are with Mountain West Bank, and I love everything about them.

    I have also banked and invested with Idaho Banking Company and was very satisfied.

    One has to wonder though if local banks will end up like local farms…

  2. JD, thanks for sharing that perspective. It will be interesting to see what response we get from others who have followed our local banking market.

  3. The twenty largest banks and federal government policy are largely responsible for the financial crisis. Community banks in Idaho had nothing to do with it.”

    This quote from the article above is dead wrong. I know of two community bank chains and one credit union who are very near to collapse because they copy catted the big boys and did stupid RE loans and now have lots of “toxic assets” on their books.

    Community banks are still banks and there are plenty with lots of blood on their hands.