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Idaho first to sign law against health care reform

Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter on March 17 became the first state chief executive to sign a measure requiring his attorney general to sue Congress if it passes health reforms that force residents to buy insurance.

Similar legislation is pending in 37 other states nationwide.

Constitutional law experts say the move is mostly symbolic because federal laws supersede those of the states. But the movement reflects a growing national frustration with President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Democrats are hoping to pass a version of the reform by this weekend.

Last week, Virginia legislators passed a measure similar to Idaho’s new law, but Otter was the first state chief executive to sign such a bill, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, which created model legislation for Idaho and other states. The Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit group promotes limited government.

“Congress is planning to force an unconstitutional mandate on the states,” said Herrera, the group’s health task force director.

Otter, a Republican, already warned U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in December that Idaho was considering litigation if health reform went through. He signed the bill during his first such public ceremony of the 2010 Legislature.

“What the Idaho Health Freedom Act says is that the citizens of our state won’t be subject to another federal mandate or turn over another part of their life to government control,” Otter said.

Minority Democrats in Idaho who opposed the bill called any lawsuits over health care reform frivolous.

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  1. Um, it passed. Your move Butch?

    I can’t say I’m a long-time follower of this Gov’s policies and decisions, but I do know the Idaho governor’s election is coming up soon and I’m just starting to look at who I’ll vote for. When I saw ‘da Otta leading this craziness, I said naw, he wouldn’t be that stupid. Now that it passed, I’m curious to see if he follows through with this …. I mean we all make mistakes, but thinking people realize their mistakes and adjust their courses when they realize they were bing silly. If ‘da Otta does an adjustment on this, then I’ll give hime some credit and call him a “thinking man.” If not, well, I guess he can move along and join the other Idaho politicians who are [unfortunately] known for making National Asses of themselves.

  2. Idaho retains his well earned reputation as the leader of the Crazies!

    At a time we are deluged by cries of poverty from our legislators, they and the governor committ to a path that will cost the state millions in court costs and have not one iota of a chance for success.

  3. Judy, if you truly believe this ideological & factual swill (totally-economically-FALSE)…Sweet Cheeks, have I got some property in Idaho I’d be glad (errrr, ecstatic!) to sell you.

    Such a deal! Think of it….you’d be amongst your own kind.

  4. I’m moving to Idaho when the time comes!

    Bravo Governor Butch Otter! Your State has low taxes, is fighting against government gun bans and you’re becoming the most “attractive” State in the country! Between Texas and Idaho – I’d take Idaho any day!