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DOE chooses firm to continue INL cleanup

CH2M Hill Newport News Nuclear (CHN) has been selected to perform waste processing at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project at DOE’s Idaho Site near Idaho Falls.

The contract is estimated at about $592 million, which includes about $8 million of work funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. CHN will be responsible for processing and disposing of transuranic waste and mixed low-level waste being stored at the Idaho Site’s Transuranic Storage Area.

“The Department of Energy takes our cleanup commitments to the state of Idaho seriously, and this contract with CHN will allow us to continue our progress with the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project,” Idaho Operations Office Deputy Manager Rick Provencher said.

The contract will run through September 30, 2015, under a Cost-Plus-Award-Fee contract with performance-based incentives. There will be a 30-day transition period, with CHN taking over on or about May 1.

The CHN team consists of the following team members:

  • CH2M Hill Newport News Nuclear, LLC
  • CH2M Hill Constructors, Inc.
  • Newport News Nuclear Incorporated
  • Cavanaugh Services Group, Inc.
  • Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.
  • GEM Technology International Corp.

Under the 1995 Idaho Settlement Agreement and the INL Site Treatment Plan, the Department of Energy is responsible for the characterization, treatment, packaging, shipment and disposal of the estimated 30,200 cubic meters of waste currently stored at the Idaho facility. The waste includes DOE laboratory and processing materials from the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in Colorado and various other DOE facilities in Idaho and across the country.

The waste – which may consist of mixtures of absorbed liquids with various solid materials, including paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, glass, concrete, metals, and others – is stored in drums, boxes, and bins at the Idaho Site’s TSA. The majority of the AMWTP is classified as mixed waste, containing both hazardous and radioactive constituents.

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