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Imel heads ISU projects for INL

George Imel

George Imel

The Idaho State University Department of Nuclear Engineering has been selected to conduct a second nuclear energy experiment in the Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility.

ISU’s principal investigator for both projects is George Imel, ISU chair of nuclear engineering. This year, Idaho State University was selected to complete an experiment titled “Measurement of Actinide Cross Sections.” This project could receive up to $225,000 funding over the next three years. In September 2009, ISU’s “Real Time ATR-C Flux Sensors” experiment was funded for $225,000 for a three-year period.

“We are part of a small group in the country that has been awarded two experiments at the INL’s Advanced Test Reactor facility,” Imel said. “This has helped ISU’s nuclear engineering department’s reputation.”

The latest Idaho State University ATR project is a joint venture between ISU, the INL and Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. The goal of this experiment is to develop new monitoring conditions during radiation testing to measure extremely small quantities of fission products. The results will be used to validate computer models that predict larger-scale nuclear waste treatment inside of reactors.

More information on the INL is available at www.inl.gov.

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