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U.S. Chamber of Commerce scores Minnick highest of Idaho delegation

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is honoring Idaho’s entire Congressional delegation with Spirit of Enterprise awards for their votes in 2009, with the business lobbying group scoring Rep. Walt Minnick the highest of the group.

The chamber grants the awards annually based on rankings it gives for key votes and requires at least 70 percent support. The chamber reports its position before the votes.

The 2009 votes included economic stimulus, health care, financial regulatory reform and climate legislation. It focused on 7 Senate votes and 15 House votes.

Minnick scored 87 percent and Rep. Mike Simpson 80 percent. Both Sen. Mike Crapo and Sen. Jim Risch earned 71 percent.

Minnick benefited from his votes on a couple less heralded bills, including one that would create a public-private partnership to promote the United States as a travel destination abroad and another that would establish a program within the Department of Energy to commercialize technologies to make cars and trucks more energy efficient. The travel bill passed, and the Senate took no action on the vehicle measure.

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  1. Well it’s good to see people get rewarded, even if it’s for all of the wrong reasons. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (according their own site) has aided in the “offshoring” of American Manufacturing. I would like to see what the score card will say concerning what the delegation has done for the People of this state. With any luck 3 of the 4 (Risch is not up for re-election) will get their award from the People. Hopefully it’s a one way ticket back to Idaho!