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Idaho launches Web site to lure out-of-state business

Back in March, Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter sent a “love letter” to out-of-state businesses, trying to coax them to move to Idaho.

Now, the state’s chief executive is taking the courtship to the Internet.

Otter’s site invites Washington and Oregon companies to consider relocating after their states raised taxes to cope with budget shortfalls.

The site features cost comparisons between the states, as well as testimonials from companies that have already moved to Idaho.

Otter aims to capitalize on the 2010 Legislature’s decision to cut programs and services, rather than ask residents and businesses to pay more taxes to fund government.

Otter said Idaho is focusing on “predictable tax and regulatory policies” to help companies get “through this rough patch.”

The site features cost comparisons between Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California; testimonials from companies that have made the shift to Idaho; news; and a fun section on how to not only survive the shift but to thrive.

A Facebook account also has been started, inviting those who have made the shift to share their thoughts and experiences about moving to Idaho.

The new site informs businesses that Idaho’s state government believes that the best way to support business is to maintain a stable, predictable tax and regulatory environment, then simply get out of the way. It highlights Idaho’s business-friendly climate that leads to a lower cost of doing business than some of Idaho’s neighbors.

“State governments across the country are dealing with the continuing national recession in different ways,” Otter said in a release. “In Idaho, our focus is on stability.”

Predictable tax and regulatory policies are what our employers need in order to maintain their operations through this rough patch and create new career-path employment opportunities, and it’s what employers elsewhere are looking for when they consider expanding or relocating, Otter said.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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  1. This is a ridiculous ED palliative so the Otter Administration, which has gutted the Dept. of Commerce and ended any kind of meaningful Science & Technology Council, can simply say they’re doing something.

    After they stop rolling on the floor in fits of laughter, ED professionals in Washington & Oregon, are going to triage their prospects, telling the schlocky, low-wage wannabes…”hey, here’s state that will take you, you’ll be right at home with their mentality”. Meanwhile, what’s left of HP-Boise continues towards the exit door, and Micron, post Numonyx purchase, realizes…”damn, we gotta get the hell outtahere, at least the HQ”.

  2. Jim Brandstetter

    Gee, I wonder what business owners in Washington and Oregon will think about Idaho trashing its education system with draconian budget cuts? Increased tax levies are being forced on the local school districts to try and keep Idaho from slipping to #50 in school funding per pupil. Idaho no longer has a balanced tax structure. “Predictable tax and regulatory policies” are important, but only a small piece of decision-making matrix to relocate a business to a state like Idaho.