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Idaho, Utah gas prices exceed national average

Prices in Idaho vary from

Prices in Idaho vary from$3.02 to $3.05 a gallon.

The spokesman for AAA Idaho says the reason a gallon of gas in the state has been at least 20 cents higher than the national average for most of the spring is because refineries in Utah aren’t producing enough to meet demand in the two states.

Dave Carlson says lawmakers in Utah should ask refineries why more isn’t being produced.

Just two states on the mainland – Utah, $3.07 and California, $3.06 – have higher average prices, AAA Idaho said.

“Southern Idaho is served by Salt Lake City refineries via a pipeline that runs through the state, roughly parallel to the interstate,” Carlson said.

AAA reports the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline on Friday cost $2.749. The cost in Idaho is $3.023, and in Utah $3.055.

Carlson tells the Idaho Statesman Idaho is an isolated market and that’s part of the reason for the higher prices.

He predicts gas prices will fall in the next 30 days.

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  1. Well said Scott

  2. We are isolated & the free market doesn’t offer enough incentive to overcome the cost of infrastructure to eliminate our dependence on the sole source of liquid energy to us. I agree with Bill, but the reality is that the cost of energy is set by people not living in the US. Every time we build up the resolve to do something about it, they drop the price of energy, leaving us with whole cities being abandoned that were built to support new energy initiatives. There’s a green guy in Boise who I’ve come to know & he has a pretty simple message (that I initially thought was interesting, but not valid) and I’ve come to understand the thought is fundamentally sound. We need to capture solar energy. Once you permanently decrease demand on a resource, the market place has repeatedly shown the pricing structure for that resource is reset.

    You know you’re not paying the real cost of fuel at the pump, right? We spend tons of money (not to mention blood), keeping the price at the pump artificially low, We’re in an isolated area, competition is limited. We need to take control & reduce our dependency. Quit complaining & do something about it.

  3. how much longer do we want to be suckered into believing gas has to be this high. There are only a couple of Co. that control the price of our fuel and they are motivated by greed. The Gulf oil platform leak
    does not do any thing to the flow of petrol to our states but will be used as an excuse to keep prices high. Unfortunately GREED needs to be regulated like Pres.Reagan had to do. We as a people need to support the alternative methods of fuel and stop being controlled by foreign oil and local greed.