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Idaho Housing and Finance Association launches new lending option

There’s a new mortgage option for first time homebuyers in Idaho. The Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) has just launched the Affordable Advantage Loan, through its IdaMortgage program.

According to IHFA’s President and Executive Director Gerald Hunter, “It offers another affordable lending option for low to moderate income homebuyers across the state.”

Some of the features of the Affordable Advantage Loan include a low cost, 30-year fixed interest rate, as little as $1,000 needed from the borrower to close, and no mortgage insurance required.

“This IHFA exclusive financing option is a great tool for homebuyers as the housing market in Idaho continues its recovery,” Hunter said.

Interested homeowners are able to check their eligibility status for an IdaMortgage loan by checking out www.IdaMortgage.com. If they qualify, they can be referred to a local lender who will assist with the loan process.

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