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Boise Airport keeps TRACON radar control tower

Boise Airport

Boise Airport

Members of Idaho’s congressional delegation and Boise Mayor David Bieter announced June 8 that the Boise Airport will retain its TRACON radar control system.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood phoned the mayor and members of the delegation directly to say that the agency had dropped plans to move Boise’s radar system to Salt Lake City, according to a news release.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had wanted to move the system to save money, but Idaho officials had questioned those numbers and argued that safety and jobs would be best preserved by keeping the existing system in place with the construction and move to a new airport control tower. LaHood agreed, according to the news release.

Idaho officials, during a press conference near the airport’s newly built tower on June 8, issued the following statements:

Sen. Mike Crapo: “I appreciate speaking with Secretary LaHood today and applaud his decision to maintain a Terminal Approach Radar in Boise. This is the best solution in terms of cost and safety for Southwest Idaho air traffic control. Additionally, it will preserve good-paying jobs at the Boise Airport as we build toward future growth and development.”

Sen. Jim Risch: “Leaving the TRACON in Boise was the right decision for the FAA to make. From a cost and efficiency standpoint the facts are clear that leaving the radar operation in Boise was the only decision they could make.”

Rep. Mike Simpson: “I was pleased to speak directly with the Secretary today and am glad that the FAA has made a decision that looks to the best interests of Idahoans and is based on facts instead of best guesses. With this decision behind us, I am hopeful that we can look forward to ensuring that the Boise Airport can continue to support economic growth in the Treasure Valley.”

Rep. Walt Minnick: “This is great news for Idaho travelers and for Idaho’s economy. The decision to keep the TRACON tower at the Boise Airport is not only the most cost-effective solution for taxpayers, but it is also a fitting way to remember and honor the legacy of my friend Ed Stimpson, who was a true leader in aviation safety. Not only will passengers be more certain of safe travel, but the men and women who keep them safe will continue to do their jobs in Idaho and help keep our economy on the road to recovery.”

Boise Mayor David Bieter: “This decision is great news for Boise and for every traveler and business that depends on the Boise Airport. By keeping TRACON here, we will preserve high quality local jobs, ensure continued safety and convenience for travelers and protect the airport’s position as a major hub for aviation and commerce. I applaud the FAA for keeping this important asset in Boise. This victory is the result of four years of hard work by Idaho’s congressional delegation, the late Ed Stimpson, former US Ambassador and Boise Airport Commissioner, and the City of Boise. It’s time to celebrate.”

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