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Property tax not popular, but Boise counts on it (access required)

Although Idaho residents don't like the property tax and think it's unfair, the state's largest city relies more heavily on that tax than others of similar size to pay for its police, parks, and other services. In a survey of ten western cities in eight states, Boise State University's Public Policy Center found that Boise received ...

About Anne Wallace Allen

Anne Wallace Allen is the editor of the Idaho Business Review.


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  4. High Property Taxes, High Foreclosure rate & Idaho’s Forced Annexation Law created by lack of Political Ethics involving both parties…

    Idaho ranks 2nd from the bottom Nationwide in Ethics required to hold a Public Office. Idaho’s 2009 Legislature again rejected Ethics Reform.


    Cities throughout America charge IMPACT FEES to make new-growth pay it’s own way out of ‘fairness’ to existing Taxpayers.

    The idaho Legislature & a majority of Local Government seats are occupied & controlled by Lobbyists for the Development Industry.

    Idaho Law forces Taxpayers to become unwilling partners in Developer’s Developments, by using Tax dollars to fund costly Infrastructures & Services on new Developments.

    This free-ride at Taxpayers expense explains why Idaho is also setting National records in Foreclosure Rates.

    Since 2000 Citizens for Annexation Reform has presented several Bills to replace ‘Force’ with Voting Rights, all have been voted-down or refused Hearings.
    The VOTERS GUIDE on the http://www.voteforabetteridaho.org website provides voters across Idaho with the hard facts concerning their Officials.
    The Voters Guide may be a little dated, however Idaho’s Ethical Deficit remains the same.

    If we truly want a return to Representative Government we must be willing to strictly enforce violations of Oath Of Office Contracts by our Public Servants.
    Voting Records don’t lie.
    If you belong to a Constitutional Reform Organization, start Picketing the homes & businesses of documented corrupt officials in mass. It’s legal & our obligation as Americans.
    Chuck Thomas

  5. Wow, the IBR has discovered Idaho’s notoriously regressive property taxes. Hey, isn’t it solved by getting 5.1 acres & a sprinkler hose with some bean seed, or something to that effect for our ridiculous “ag-exemption”…better yet, how about a tax-exempt “church building” every 2 blocks? And local-option, forget that, sans constitutional home-rule as the only western state without it.

    You get a “C-” for at least trying to connect the dots between the real-world economy & Idaho’s goofball politics.