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AEHI signs agreement with Hyperion Power

Alternative Energy Holdings Incorporated officials said they have signed an agreement with New Mexico-based Hyperion Power Generation Inc. to license, build and market Hyperion’s refrigerator-sized modular nuclear reactors on a world wide basis.

“Our partnership will make it possible to market the product internationally, and to locate specific applications in the United States,” AEHI CEO Don Gillipsie said.

Gillipsie said that because of the small size of the Hyperion Power Module, the power plant’s applications are limitless, and could impact various facilities including hospitals, military bases, factories, and even small towns for many years. Additionally, it could power about 25,000 homes.

What makes Hyperion reactors different is the transportable reactors are sealed at the factory and are not refueled on site. When the reactor is out of fuel, it’s returned to the factory and a new reactor is installed in its place.

Hyperion CEO John R. “Grizz” Deal said, “We chose AEHI to assist us in this endeavor because the company is independently operated, and has unprecedented connections in the international community, especially in China.”


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