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Idaho top of the ‘spam’ list, again

Symantec has released its annual MessageLabs Intelligence Special Report, ranking the most spammed states and Idaho’s number one again.

According to the report, Idaho receives the most spam (for a second year in a row), at a rate of 95.2 percent. The top spammed states are Idaho, Alabama, and South Carolina, with spam rates above 93 percent. The national average is only 89.3 percent. Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Utah, Washington, New Hampshire and North Carolina are next in line.

According to Symntec, small-to-medium sized businesses receive more spam than any other size company.

Areas with greater populations of small-to-medium sized businesses are likely to receive the greatest proportion of spam, the company states. They also note that the least spammed areas are often home to some of the largest companies,Webpronews.com reports.

Paul Wood, MessageLabs Intelligence Senior Analyst, Symantec Hosted Services, said in a release, “Spam isn’t just a simple annoyance to businesses, but a real threat that can consume resources and put valuable information at risk regardless of location.

More spam is destined for the engineering, automotive and accommodation/catering sectors, while the least spammed sectors are business support services, general services and finance.

“From the World Cup to fake PDF Reader updates, even the most intricate scams are now widespread and the sheer size and power of today’s botnets are making possible what was once unthinkable,” he said.

See the full report here.

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