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No ‘concrete’ plans in sight for new Stanley library

Through the grapevine, I recently learned about a new library planned for construction in Stanley. From what I understood, it seemed like the new building was imminent. Obviously, I was interested to learn more about it, including a construction timeline, costs, who the contractor and architect are, and what amenities it will offer.

Imagine my surprise during my conversation with Stanley Community Library board of trustee member Ellen Glaccum when she told me to get back to her in three to five years, if and when the project got under way at all. We both shared a laugh, as she explained that any construction could still be years away, contingent on several factors, including securing a site for a new building, and reaching fund-raising goals.

Glaccum said there has been talk about a new library for years, but as far as things progressing to the point of construction, it was clearly still a vision, with no concrete (literally) plans in place. Plans for a future library aren’t a secret; in fact, surveys have been sent out to community members asking them to share their input for a new facility.

The current building in Stanley, which Glaccum called charming and perfectly located, is simply too small to accommodate people who come in and out, particularly during the summer months. At around 2,000 square feet, Glaccum said it can get pretty crowded, with people sprawled out with their laptops, accessing Wi-Fi and other amenities inside.

As my conversation with Glaccum came to an end, she again encouraged me to get in touch with her, but perhaps not until at least 2013, if not longer, when concrete might – just might be poured into the ground.

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