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Rates drop for most Intermountain Gas customers

Lower demand for natural gas, ample amounts in storage and below-normal wholesale prices mean most Intermountain Gas Co. customers will pay less over the next year.

Customers on Oct. 1 started paying 1.6 percent less, or 90 cents on average, if they use natural gas for water and space heating. The 23 percent of customers who use it only for space heating started paying 0.2 percent more, or 9 cents.

Customers that use natural gas only for space heating did not grow enough to meet revenue forecasts, Idaho Public Utilities Commission spokesman Gene Fadness said. The group that uses it for space and water heating has been growing, and over the past year produced more revenue than projected.

He said this year’s annual adjustment for variable costs results in a $2.2 million decrease in annual revenue for Intermountain Gas, Boise.

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