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Promising biodiesel pilot project sputters (access required)

CORRECTION: An Oct. 21 article titled “Promising biodiesel pilot project sputters” may have left the impression that BioFuelBox, a San Jose, Calif. startup, was a spinoff from the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls. In fact, the company only licensed technology developed at INL, and the lab had no vested interest in the venture. One of the ...

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  1. An objective without a goodplan is just a dream in my honest opinion

  2. Hello,
    I am a spokesperson and science writer at Idaho National Laboratory and need to correct the lead sentence of this story. As the rest of the story describes, INL’s technology did not fail. The company failed because of reasons completely unrelated to the technology’s performance. We hope the Idaho Business Review will correct this inaccuracy prompty and choose its words more carefully in future coverage of INL technologies licensed to the private sector.
    Many thanks,
    Nicole Stricker, Idaho National Laboratory