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California’s pot-based conservatism

Michael Tomlin

Michael Tomlin

I honestly have never inhaled. In fact I have never even touched or hand-held the stuff. Pot that is. I have no use for it. But now California and the federal government are huffing and puffing and the Constitution should reign supreme.

But liberals want everything controlled and approved or denied by big government. Liberals like President Obama who has vowed to enforce the unconstitutional federal laws should Californians feel their oats and pass the proposed Proposition 19, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. And yes, liberals too like the many Republicans who also want big government to control our lives in one personal decision after another.

The very word “recreational” shows the depth of the overly controlling government we have allowed to direct every minute of our lives. It should not matter if a person uses any substance, whether pot, seaweed, or sand for recreation, business, sport, education, cosmetics, clothing, religion, or whatever, whatever. Liberty trumps it all.

No, liberty in our country cannot be absolute, but it should be darned close. We know there are two major restrictions that we are reasonably comfortable with. First, yelling fire in the proverbial crowded theatre. We do not have the right to cause panic and injury to others. Second, the right to swing our arms wildly ending at another’s nose.

OK, those are fine. But tell me where the federal government can control what we rub on ourselves, eat, or otherwise ingest? Yes, chemistry can cause problems, but are we not at liberty to create our own “problems” up to the tip of that other person’s nose?

Drink or pop too much caffeine or too many energy drinks and a road rage incident can result. But we outlaw the driving behavior not the coffee. Similarly, two much alcohol and you should not publically operate machinery, as you put others at risk. But drunk at home? Pound the drinks down and the government still leaves you “secure in your person(s)” and does not unreasonably search. As it should be, by the Constitution.

Even if you smoke, the laws keep you from blowing it past the tip of my nose in the workplace or a public building. That’s fair. But you still have the right to grow, buy, possess, sell or use the plant as you see fit. That is liberty.

Yes, I know I am seemingly endorsing opium dens, and lining the streets with mainlining derelicts. That scares me too. But then a free people is also a self accountable people, a self protecting people, and a people of choice as to where we go and what we do. Liberty like all individual freedoms has a downside and even a dark side. So be it.

You simply cannot be for limited government and personal accountability and at the same time demand that big government make all decisions for us. Real conservatism is hard to find but this time it took pot-smoking “hippies” from California to show the way.

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  1. Once the government finds a way to control the growing and processing of pot, rest assured we will be looking at it much differently………….as taxable. Alcohol and tobacco are huge revenue producers for the government. Heck in Washington, so is soda pop.