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High court dismisses Wasden’s suit

The Idaho Supreme Court has dismissed Attorney General Lawrence Wasden’s challenge of a new rental policy for hundreds of state-owned lakeshore lots.

Wasden’s lawsuit sought to block the state from using a new formula approved by the state Land Board to raise rents paid by owners of cabins and vacation homes built on the lots.

The land board, in turn, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

In a decision published Wednesday, the Idaho Supreme Court granted the motion to dismiss.

Wasden alleged the policy approved by the land board sets rents at below-market value and in violation of the state constitution, which requires the land be managed for maximum profit over time.

Wasden is 1 of 2 board members who voted against the rent policy, which would raise rents paid in 2011 by 9% and by 54% over the next five years.

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