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Releases: Potlatch Corp., University of Idaho, Idaho Department of Finance

Potlatch Corporation archives gifted to the University of Idaho Library

MOSCOW – The University of Idaho has received a gift of 521-cubic-feet of historical archives to the Library’s special collections from the Potlatch Corporation, acknowledging the university’s long-standing relationship with the company.

The documents include many from Potlatch Forests Inc. and Potlatch Lumber Company, and personal manuscripts from the George Jewett family from 1986-95. The records document not only the business history, but the environmental history dating back to the late 19th century of the American forestry and paper industry.

Environmental history is a real strength of the collection, with records of the earliest days of forest surveys. The collection details not only what the very early forest look like, but also the change over time for particular locations. Photographs of the forests, including aerial surveys, showed these changes. Other documents also showed the development of forest harvesting work as muscle power and steam engines were replaced with gas and diesel powered vehicles and machinery, as well as the introduction of electricity into forest work camps and mills.

The Potlatch Corporation Archives are considered to be a foundation collection for the university’s Special Collections and Archives, and are dedicated to the cultural and environmental history of Idaho, the northern Rockies and Columbia Plateau region. The Special Collections and Archives also include Bunker Hill Mining corporation records, records of state senators and leaders, and important wilderness archives. With all of these collections, researchers can view the social and economic history of Idaho.

Jan. 13-14 Snake River Sugar Beet Conference to cover both options facing growers

TWIN FALLS – Uncertainty about the fate of herbicide-tolerant sugar beets likely will be one of the most discussed issues facing growers attending the annual University of Idaho Snake River Sugar Beet Conference Jan. 13-14.

The issue also will be one that growers have the least control over, said Don Morishita, University of Idaho Extension weed science specialist at Twin Falls. As a result, the conference will straddle both options: that conventional or Roundup Ready sugar beets will dominate the 2011 crop year, depending on an anticipated ruling in Federal court.

The conference will focus on economics, agronomy and harvest technologies that will benefit sugar beet growers whether they are cleared to plant Roundup Ready sugar beets in 2011 or not, Morishita said.

The conference on the College of Southern Idaho campus will begin Jan. 13 with registration at 1:20 p.m. followed by the general session at 2:30 p.m. The conference will continue Jan. 14. A related trade show featuring product and information booths will run both days.

Securities fraud judgment entered against Idaho insurance agent

The Idaho Department of Finance has obtained a default judgment from the Fourth District Court in Boise against Idaho insurance agent Jerry Ward and his business, Med-Life, which operates from various locations in both northern and southern Idaho.
Ward defrauded investors by offering and selling securities, the proceeds of which he used for his own benefit in violation of the registration and anti-fraud provisions of the Idaho Uniform Securities Act. Ward made material misrepresentations by offering investors higher-than-market returns on so-called “insured certificates of deposit” that were neither FDIC insured nor issued by a financial institution, and by promoting the fictitious development of a senior housing facility in north Idaho. The Department of Finance issued a “Cease and Desist Order” against Ward and his company in June 2009, but Ward continued his fund-raising efforts in violation of the order and Idaho securities laws.
The Court permanently enjoined Ward from selling or offering for sale securities in any form in Idaho and from violating the anti-fraud provisions of the Idaho Uniform Securities Act. Ward is also ordered to pay restitution to investors of $89,000, and civil penalties and attorney fees in the amount of $55,000 to the Idaho Department of Finance.

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