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Lawmakers to consider boost in Idaho cigarette tax

State lawmakers are expected to consider a bill that would significantly boost taxes on cigarettes in Idaho during the upcoming session.

Rep. Dennis Lake, the Republican who heads the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, said Thursday he has agreed to sponsor a bill supported by health groups to increase the cigarette tax by $1.25 per pack.

Lake detailed the proposal at a legislative preview sponsored by The Associated Press.

A pitch for any tax increases will face a tough fight in the 2011 session with the conservative turn of the Idaho Legislature during the November election.

But Lake says his bill to increase Idaho’s 57-cent-per-pack cigarette tax may find favor because of the savings it could bring in health care-related costs associated cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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  1. This is ridiculous! Lawmakers need to lay off smokers for crying out loud! Hey I’ve got an idea, lets tax all the junk and fast food that morbidly obese adults and children eat, the healthcare costs that they produce are nowhere near that of smokers. Oh oh, how about we put a tax on soda that so many Idahoans love to drink! How about we put a tax hike on gasoline, Lord knows it’s not expensive enough. How about we start drug testing EVERYONE who gets government assistance, that will bring the numbers down. How about we start taxing welfare junkies for being baby factories that results in raising the costs of healthcare. Lawmakers need to STOP pinpointing specific groups, if you’re going to keep raising taxes on unhealthy habits, then you need to tax EVERY bad habit. Smokers are not the only problem in this state!