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Garden City could approve new sign ordinance

After nearly two years of consideration and revisions, the Garden City City Council could adopt a new sign ordinance tonight.

Garden City Development Services Coordinator Jenah Thornborrow said the Jan. 10 council meeting will include hearing about some changes that have been made to the proposed plan, which has gone through nearly 30 different drafts.

Some changes include specifications of a sign’s size and height, “districts” a sign may be located in, and what is considered a “non-conforming sign.”

“Over the past couple years, the draft has been rewritten to include information from sign companies, residents, ITD and other stakeholders,” Thornborrow said.

However, Diane Mazy, sales representative at the Aim Sign Company in Garden City, said the new regulations could put more restrictions on signs for new businesses.

“Sign companies work with ordinances all over; some are easier to understand and more equitable than others,” Mazy said. “Not only is this ordinance confusing, but we honestly feel it will deter new businesses looking to relocate to Garden City.”

The hearing, which will include public testimony, is at Garden City Hall at 6 p.m. Written comments will also be read during the meeting.

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