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Good news! People still want to work in the construction biz

Jennifer Gonzalez

Good news Idaho —  people are still interested in pursuing careers in the construction industry. I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking the same thing too. Yet, despite the smack down the entire industry has endured, it’s encouraging to learn than people are pursuing a career in one of the most vital industries out there.

Rebecca Mirsky is an associate professor at Boise State and teaches in the construction management department. She was telling me that despite the perception that interest in construction has disappeared, like many of its jobs have, that’s simply not the case. In fact, enrollment is her classes is up.

“It’s still a popular career option,” Mirsky said. “While recovery is slow right now, there will be some excellent job prospects available in the future.”

She pointed that for some people, construction work is appealing because they don’t want to be confined to a traditional desk job or enjoy workplace flexibility.

“Construction appeals to people who don’t want to be trapped in an office. They want to be able to create things and want to make a difference they can see,” Mirsky said.

It makes sense that people who are eager to design and build things would pursue a construction job. Seeing that crafting a basic gingerbread house at Christmas was challenging for me, it reinforces the fact that I am better suited to write about construction, as opposed to swinging a hammer around, or designing a building.

For further analysis from industry experts including construction trade groups like the Idaho Associated General Contractors and the Associated Builders and Contractors Inland Pacific Chapter related to construction jobs, make sure to check out the Idaho Construction Review, available Jan. 21.

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