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Idaho takes center stage in union contractor fight

Idaho state and local governments could be forbidden to require bidders on public works projects to pay their workers pre-determined wages and benefits.

A Republican-backed measure that cleared the Senate State Affairs Committee 7-2 on Wednesday seeks to outlaw so-called “Project Labor Agreements” for state and local public projects.

These are collective bargaining agreements with unions that establish employment conditions for individual construction projects.

Non-union construction companies argue such deals drive up the cost of projects for taxpayers.

Union representatives maintained that Idaho is inviting lawsuits if it tries to interfere.

Two committee Democrats opposed it.

Testimony on a second bill that takes aim at unions, to forbid them from using dues to subsidize members’ wages, will continue Jan. 31.

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  1. That’s a good topic of discussion. I really appreciate your work.

  2. While I’m no fan of Davis-Bacon labor stipulations, here’s another great example of Idaho’s ideological bunch of Quixotic warriors tilting at windmills, pure and simple. If construction projects have any federal monies, guarantees, loan-placement subsidies, etc. kiss this goodbye as yet another successful distraction by the Imperial Idaho Legislature. St. Lenore of Barrett would be proud.

    And the Idaho masses never get it—why they’re so poor & dependent.