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Gov. Otter: Don’t privatize Idaho liquor stores

Idaho’s chief executive doesn’t want the state’s liquor dispensary sold to the private sector.

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter says overseeing hard liquor is the proper role of government, since Idaho’s Constitution says it’s the duty of public officials to help promote temperance.

Consumption in Idaho, which controls all the liquor stores, is less than in open states like California where officials have left sales of booze in private hands.

Plus, Otter pointed out that Idaho’s liquor stores are a cash cow for the state, as is.

Idaho’s Office of Performance Evaluations on Jan. 31 delivered a report on how the agency could boost efficiency.

Among the suggestions: Convert 13 currently state-run liquor stores to contract stores, saving $700,000 annually. Auditors also suggested better training and formal criteria for deciding store locations.

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  1. They did it in Montana and its working well for the State

  2. Promote temperance??? It seems contradictory to me that the state opened up Sunday liquor sales, for more revenue, and yet always seems to need more funds to fight substance abuse. Now those who have an alcohol abuse problem can get liquor seven days per week instead of just six!