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Idaho chamber group pitches jobs incentives bill

Beset by high unemployment, Idaho lawmakers are considering ways they can stimulate job growth and jumpstart the state’s economic engine.

A group of Idaho chambers of commerce weighed in Tuesday, introducing a measure that would give businesses more incentives to create new positions.

The Idaho Chamber Alliance’s bill, which will now get a hearing in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, would allow an employer to receive a portion of their new employee’s income taxes – in the form of a 4 percent refundable tax credit of a new employee’s gross wage.

To receive the credit, companies would have to hire new people earning at least $12 an hour with benefits.

The chambers say that the money returned to companies would go into hiring more workers and growing their businesses.

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One comment

  1. None of this will work. What will work is simple: cut Idaho’s personal income tax (9th highest in the US) by half, stop subsidizing gigantic families with America’s highest dependency exemptions, stop subsidizing urban real estate malinvestments with that nutty “5 acre ag-exemption” for property taxes (raise it to 40 acres outside incorporated city limits), eliminate the supermajority vote rule for education and consolidate 60% of the school districts (end Idaho’s anti-education, economic development reputation), give cities above 15,000 population full constitutional home-rule powers to manage & fund their own affairs.

    There’s a whole series of structural changes that could be made that wouldn’t cost 1 red cent; but there’s no political will (or wisdom) to do so. No wonder Idaho is now 4th in America in foreclosures; it will only get worse when HP, Micron, and other ‘new economy’ companies leave.