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Bronco Motors acquires Mitsubishi, opens new Nampa dealership

Bronco Motors is expanding its Treasure Valley operations with the acquisition of Mitsubishi Motors North America.

Bronco Motors President Grant L. Petersen Jr. said the Mitsubishi fleet will be located in the former Nampa Kia dealership at 16295 Idaho Center Blvd., which he purchased in 2010. Fully stocked, it will have between 60 to 80 vehicles on the lot, and will include a showroom and full service facility.

The 28,000-square-foot space has been completely remodeled and will also temporarily house Hyundai sales before Petersen’s new Hyundai dealership, still under construction, is finished up this spring. The Mitsubishi dealership should open in early March, and will create upward of 25 jobs.

“For us, as far as product line up goes, Mitsubishi fits well with our Nissan and Hyundai stores,” Petersen said. “It gives us products and segments we don’t have.”

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