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John and Sarah Seidl: Example of a focused homebuilding team

Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez

I interview lots of different people about all things construction and development related, and each time, I really do learn something new. Having just wrapped up the most recent issue of the Idaho Construction Review, I can truly say I lucked out in having interviewed the coolest brother/sister duo you’re going to meet in Idaho.

John and Sarah Seidl own the Seidl Home Company and have built more than 200 beautiful homes throughout the Treasure Valley. Through market highs and lows (hint: the last few years), they have managed to create an enviable business model that proves a small builder can thrive and remain successful.

What struck me first and foremost about the Seidls is they have mutual respect for each other. They play off each other’s strengths and because of that are able to work well together, and separately too. Sarah works mostly in the office, while John is out at homesites. Jointly though, they are both totally client focused, they listen to each other, and laugh….a lot.

In speaking to small business and construction management experts (who don’t personally know Sarah and John), this tiny team has the ability to keep up with the bigger homebuilders for several reasons. For my full profile on this amazing pair, plus insight into why they’re likely going to be building homes for years to come, check out the next issue of the Idaho Construction Review, available Friday.

Jennifer Gonzalez covers construction, real estate and development for the Idaho Business Review and Idaho Construction Review.

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Jennifer Gonzalez covers construction, real estate and development news. Contact her at jennifer.gonzalez@idahobusinessreview.com or 208.639.3515.


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  4. He is a great guy. I interviewed him myself about building a green home and posted it on youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufs9HAUNw6E