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Refine your website as a recruitment tool

Michelle Hicks

Michelle Hicks

As the economy begins to warm up, so does the need for a talented workforce. The resourcefulness, innovative thinking, and productivity that high performers bring to an organization are needed now more than ever in all industries. The question is: How can your organization find the most talented people and lure them to work for you?

Many job seekers rely on the Internet as a fast and efficient means to search for, screen, and connect with potential employers. Developing a new corporate career site or refreshing an established one may be just what your organization needs to grab job seekers’ attention and set you apart from your competition.

Employers need to find the right applicants as quickly as the applicants need to find the right position. A job search of any length can present challenges for both the prospective employer and the applicant.

Some job seekers may never find your postings, either because they get lost on your own company website or because your postings don’t show up in search engine results. The link from your company’s main site to the career site must be highly visible. Even the best career site is less than optimal if prospective employees can’t easily get to it.

Web usability studies show that if job seekers become frustrated in their search for an organization’s posted openings, they are more likely to move on to the next organization’s site. Your job listings must be easy to find and your career site must be easy to navigate. In addition, your organization should consider establishing a presence on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook as a means of leading prospects to your career page. Doing so provides information to applicants on their “turf” – while still giving you control over the message. It also allows applicants to ask questions and get feedback.

On the other hand, many job seekers know exactly what kind of job they want and how to access postings of such jobs. They use search engines such as Google to facilitate and speed up their searches. It is important that your organization’s job postings appear in the results pages of Google and other search engines when these users enter terms typically associated with your job postings. A search engine optimization expert can help create search engine keyword coding.

Keywords can be related to industry-specific or job-specific skills (for example, project management, communication or marketing) and technology-specific skills (for example, proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint). In addition, keywords can contain actual job titles, certifications, degrees, company names and locations. Keyword searches can be built into your career site to allow users to search using terms relevant to them.

Monster.com says disconnects between what organizations communicate during the interview process on such topics as job description, company culture, and values and what new employees actually experience are among the top reasons for turnover. And turnover impacts the bottom line. The average cost of replacing an employee in his or her first year is three times the starting salary.

But, effective career sites provide prospective employees with information to help them determine if the company is likely to be a good fit before they start work. Your career site can highlight corporate and departmental cultures, team member profiles and a sense of diversity through video messages from employees and senior leadership. By showcasing your organization’s culture through an upfront and personal approach, you can provide insight into the organization’s commitment to inclusiveness, work/life balance and other employer-of-choice characteristics.

Placing the right people in the right jobs at the right time always presents an employer with challenges. A well-designed and maintained career site can help your organization effectively work through them and find the high-performing talent you need.

Michelle Hicks is a communications consultant with Buck Consultants. Contact her at michelle.hicks@buckconsultants.com.

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