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Internet law expert joins Zarian Midgley

Kennedy Luvai

Kennedy Luvai

Kennedy Luvai has joined Zarian, Midgley and Johnson PLLC (Zarian Midgley) as the firm’s newest associate. Luvai has significant experience in matters involving Internet law, patents, trademarks and defamation. His practice at Zarian Midgley will focus primarily on intellectual property litigation and commercial litigation.

Luvai is a registered patent attorney who is also licensed to practice law in the states of Oregon and Washington. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, with a minor in mathematics, from Brigham Young University. He earned his law degree at the University of Oregon.

Prior to joining Zarian Midgley, Luvai was associated with the law firm of Lindsay Hart Neil and Weigler in Portland.

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