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Got something on your mind? I want to hear from you

Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez

All right developers, builders, architects, contractors, and about every other business person in between, I want to hear from you!

As a writer at the Idaho Business Review it’s my goal to cover the stories that are important to you and ones that bring attention to a topic that’s been on your mind, or that of your colleagues.

One of those topics happens to be impact fees, specifically those assessed by the Ada County Highway District. It seems that when I speak to someone about development opportunities in Ada County, the conversation inevitably drifts to the expenses of getting those developments off the ground. It’s not just one or two individuals who have brought up this concern, but several.

A story that ran in the Idaho Construction Review and is available to read online titled “ACHD Impact Fees Worry Some Developers” is an example of a story that has garnered an overwhelming positive response from our readers. Is everyone in agreement about the story? No, but judging from the comments I have received about it, people are talking.

So, back to my original request of wanting you….I really do. I want to hear from you about what projects you are working on, innovative ways you’re running your business, or perhaps even something in the industry that’s bugging you.

I value my relationships with my construction, real estate and development sources in the community. I also respect that when it comes to certain topics, some of them wish not to be included or quoted in an article that might be sensitive or controversial. For that reason, when I hear something “off the record” it stays that way….period. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a story there. It just means that it is my job to seek people who are willing to go on record about it.


Jennifer Gonzalez writes for the Idaho Business Review and Idaho Construction Review and can be reached via email at jennifer.gonzalez@idahobusinessreview.com.

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Jennifer Gonzalez covers construction, real estate and development news. Contact her at jennifer.gonzalez@idahobusinessreview.com or 208.639.3515.


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